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    Pottery, stargazing, cooking, painting, guitars, canoeing, woodwork & playing with my new baby boy (now 4 months)
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  1. Hi Thanks for all the helpful replies, I really appreciate everyone's comments. I still haven't made my final decision or bought anything as yet - not rushing into it is sound advice! . I have posted on this question on the beginners section as recommended by some of you too. (I think I have, am finding the forms a little tricky to navigate!) I will update when I make my final decision! :-) Cheers Jon
  2. Hi Can anyone give me their help or opinions about this? I recently bought a Skywatcher 200p on an equatorial mount. I want to get some new lenses other than the stock ones which came with it. I can afford up to £300 on this, but am confused whether to go for a Pentax XF or SL, which are v expensive, a Nagler 3mm-6mm zoom or a Baader zoom, or a couple of fixed eye pieces. The image quality is the most important thing to me. Currently I have been looking at planets, but would like to see galaxies and nebula. There are so many choices and I appreciate any advice anyone can give as to what would be best to get. Once I get this new lens / lenses I can't afford any more, so want to make sure I make the right decision first time! Also, do you think it's worth getting a polarising filter, and if so can you recommend a good one? Thanks Jon
  3. Hi I have recently bought a Skywatcher 200p on an EQ5 mount. I am now thinking of buying some lenses to replace the ones that came with it. I have been looking at the Baader 8-24 zoom and the Baader 2.25 barlow and the Nagler 3-6 zoom. There are other zooms I have seen such as Pentax and Leica, but they seem to be more for spotting scopes. I would really appreciate some advice on what will produce the best results for looking at planets, nebula, etc. Thanks Jon
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