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  1. My trouble is that my wife thinks I look a jerk in any headgear. I'd like to look vaguely heroic as I venture out into the cold but apparently I don't. Yet I'd rather look like a jerk in hat than come in early because I'm too cold.
  2. Thanks James - I'll follow these leads. Taunton's 45 mins away but Crewkerne's within easy striking distance.
  3. Don't apologise - I'm delighted by the number of cathedrals, beautiful towns, and National Trust properties in the vicinity, and museums - Bovington Tank Museum is a bit of a trek but worth visiting anytime. As is TE Lawrence's Cloud's Hill.
  4. Thanks Robin. I'm a bit disappointed - not to mention surprised - that a FLO search suggests there's nothing between me and Sidmouth, Bath, Southampton and Cardiff!!! Is it really such an astronomical desert round here?
  5. I have just moved to Yeovil. Are there any active groups within a 20-minute drive?
  6. Good to see Calisto emerging in front of Jupiter this evening with clear views of its shadow on J's surface. Very exciting. However I noticed that when trying to get a clear view and minutely adjusting the focus, I was able to get a clearer view by moving the scope slowly - not necessarily to follow J's path across the field of view. I found that if I moved the scope so that the planet shifted gently I momentarily got a better image. Why's that - or am I or my scope defective?
  7. Thanks everyone - that's given me plenty to chew on and I'm currently browsing the web for the sorts of bag you mention.
  8. I have a Skywatcher Explorer 200p. Any suggestions where I can get a carry-case/bag for this at a less than crippling price? Many thanks.
  9. What sort of kit and viewing conditions are required to see the N. American Nebula? With my 200P Sky Watcher Explorer Newtonian, I tried very hard tonight but no joy.
  10. I don't have a link but the tables are available in the British Astronomical Assoc. Handbook 2015. Well, yes,I can see the cloud bands and the GRS.
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