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  1. Windows aren't bad. As long as it is cleaned and you've turned off all the lights inside your home, then it should be fine. Very little difference.
  2. LOL. I went out that day to look at Jupiter, despite the freezing temperature, I stayed out for an entire hour. Everyone in my family yelled at me and my hands froze for 30 minutes. But it was all worth it. They wont understand it. It's only something a fellow stargazer would know.
  3. Checked Stellarium today. Jupiter, Venus and Mars will all be bright this evening. Even though it is -25 degrees Celsius, I am going out. I'll post the progress.
  4. Just checked Stellarium today, toggled light pollution, checked SW, saw Sirius and other stars and then bought out my mobile compass and matched the sky. Eventually, I found Jupiter and confirmed it by seeing the positioning of the stars around it. It is indeed, 100%, Jupiter! Can't wait till tomorrow, gonna go outside and setup to look at Jupiter. This is going to be fun
  5. Haha, I tried using my iPad a few weeks back to take images, it was so annoying aligning the camera, perhaps an iPhone will be easier due to its size. I still don't have a phone since I'm young but I will definitely ask my sister to use her spare iPhone to go out and test some pictures on the moon. Thanks for the advice.
  6. I heard Venus is a bit harder to find due to the timing (sunset, etc.) . So I'm going to tackle the easier targets first.
  7. I noticed that on Stellarium, Jupiter always seems to be there. Even with light pollution, I always see these three bright specks of light in the sky, I'm guessing one of them may be Jupiter. By the way, what magnification should I be at in order to identify if it is Jupiter? I have a 600m focal length and 20mm, 12mm and 4mm eyepieces.
  8. Hey, so I have a Celestron Powerseeker 50AZ which is just a beginner's scope. I wanted to take pictures or record some stuff, like the moon, etc. I know my telescope isn't very special and so I thought that it wouldn't be possible, but I just saw this video of someone recording the moon through the Celestron Powerseeker 50AZ:
  9. Just tested the adjustments for the atmosphere. Increased it to the max light pollution (10) and there is still more stars than in real life But it is much more similar to my location than the original Stellarium sky. Once winter is over and the weather gets better, I'm going to be setting up on my lawn observing all night for the first time. But for now, just more research and testing. Thanks Pyrodave.
  10. That's what I was thinking. I guess the only thing I can observe as of now is the Moon. I hate how you can only see nice things by travelling. I want to just observe in the comfort of my own location.
  11. Hey. So I have a Celestron Powerseeker 50AZ (just a weak amateur telescope), 20mm, 12mm, and 4mm eyepieces. I also just installed Stellarium. Now that I am all set, I want to start observing some nice objects like planets. I just checked Stellarium and it reveals hundreds of stars and it also shows me Jupiter and Venus and no clouds or pollution, but in real life, I live in a city and there is pollution and I usually just see like 5 to 10 bright stars. (I just live on a street with houses, street lights. I don't have the opportunity to go to observing places.) So how am I supposed to find a planet such as Jupiter by using my telescope & Stellarium while being on this street? Don't you need to be able to recognize constellations to find planets? (Which I can't do since I can barely see any stars in my location)
  12. iLoveSpace


    Welcome Rob
  13. I just installed the 32bit driver, removed all traces of Stellarium, and re-installed v12.3 and voila, it works fine! Props to cuivenion for giving the driver and damnut for mentioning an older version of the software. Now, time to go figure Stellarium out!
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