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  1. Remember the fuel duty increase last month? Well, as well as the fuel duty going up, the VAT on the duty also went up. Taxes being taxed. Only in rip-off Britain...
  2. It's a good forum - but it makes me envious!
  3. Cloudy Nights is great, there's no disputing that. It's just - immaterial of them giving up spare time to do so - the somewhat eccentric moderating that people were talking about. Some of the best amateurs in the world are members there, and that alone makes CN the best astronomy forum (apart from SGL of course!) out there.
  4. That is pretty much identical to what is happening here in the UK, too. Your post, word for word, describes the poor state of affairs here - celebrity obsessed populace who have IQs lower than their shoe size, glorification of violence, every other word is the "f" word (I admit I swear, but I never drop it into casual conversation), no respect for anyone or anything, failing society...it goes on. I agree about American amateur astronomers, I have had the good fortune to go to US star parties and I love the country and the people I met. I have never met a single American amateur astronomer I d
  5. The Beeb's weather forecasts change by the hour. It was supposed to rain this weekend, then rain Monday and Tuesday morning, now it is supposed to rain tomorrow morning, Tuesday evening and Wednesday. I am going to a football match on Tuesday evening, so I will have to take a rain coat with me.
  6. She may be miffed but she'll get over it. Hopefully you'll have your dark sky back, that's more important than some old biddy being miffed . Besides if cars, etc, are causing her light to come on then it is badly set and could potentially be causing a danger to road users.
  7. I am in need of a secondary dew heater because my secondary dews up something chronic. I have a Revelation 12 inch Dob and the secondary appears to be sheathed in black plastic. Would that rule out getting a wrap-around heater (I am guessing it would); if that is the case what could I do to prevent dew forming on the secondary? Thanks
  8. Here's another satisfied customer - I ordered a laser collimator last weekend. It was here on Tuesday morning. Good and fast.
  9. Which is hardly surprising! Do NOT touch toy stores, department stores or Argos with a ten-foot bargepole for a serious astronomical telescope. Even high street camera stores are rarely any good. You want to canvas advice from forums such as this (which is what you are doing so you are off to a good start! ), as well as your local astronomy club or society. I would suggest a six inch or eight inch scope to start with. You say you are interested in the planets, so a six inch f6 or f8 is an ideal starting place. If, however, you decide you want to get into deep sky observing, you will soon want
  10. I'm not too hacked off about the weather at the moment, we have had nine straight clear nights here until this evening, and besides it's nearly Full Moon.
  11. Panic ye not, they have done a forum archive so the old threads are still accessible.
  12. CN's back. It looks as if they have done some massive pruning of old threads in order to speed the thing up a bit.
  13. I'd emigrate to Australia and build an observatory in the outback, then I'd get a 50 inch Dob built and stick it in the observatory. The Dob would be a totally GoTo and driven one.
  14. And VAT is scheduled to go back up to 17.5% in December or January.
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