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  1. Thank you 'Mark at Beaufort', That information really helps with our planning. We thought the Premier Inn and Lucksall were much further apart. Our red torches arrived today and I have made the 'goody shopping list' out already. We are looking forward to the 20th very much indeed. Kind regards Christine & Richard
  2. Hi Helen, Thank you for that reply . We have booked our Premier Inn and are looking forward to meeting you all. We shall be there during daylight and making VERY sure that we are facing outwards so we don't have to reverse out from anywhere, and will be at the farthest point of the car park possible !!! Do we pay on the day or is any payment required beforehand? One last thing ....... What sort of cake / biscuits / other goodies do we bring ??? Christine
  3. Hi, It will not be possible for my husband and I to attend anything other than the Friday evening / night due to a funeral and other family commitments during that week and week-end. Is it possible to come along as 'observers', so to speak, on the Friday night please? We shall stay at a local Premier Inn so would not need to book any accommodation through yourselves. Here's hoping !! Christine
  4. Well said swag72 .... I'm watching already !!!!! LOL Christine
  5. Thank you Grant, Just when we thought we would get a chance at our first look-see event. Is it possible to come along on the Friday evening to see what it is all about, but without booking to stay please? Christine
  6. Hi Grant, How many nights is the pod available for please? Is it possible to just book it for one of the event nights? Christine
  7. Thank you Olly, I like the analogy that you have given. That makes sense, even to me. I had never thought in terms of '...no observation is in 'real time'..' before. By definition I suppose it cant be. Is a knowledge of light speed essential as part of this interest? Christine
  8. What more proof of my ignorance can there be than my putting astrological instead of astronomical ???!!! Thank you Scotttumsh. That does answer my question. Christine
  9. As a complete newbie and totally ignorant of all things astrological and celestial, please forgive what to most will be a really stupid question. When I am looking at the moon is it in real time, as in when I look at my car on the drive for example? Light years is something that I get the gist of but find hard to translate into something tangible in my mind, other than seeing something on the horizon and although I can see it i know that it will take me a while to get there (if my analogy make any senses at all to anyone else). Christine
  10. Thank you Ronin and Coastliner. All ideas are very welcome. We have a motorhome and I am hoping that we shall be combining motorhoming with sky-watching, so a substantial / sturdy, safe means of transporting the scope(s) will be necessary me thinks. My husband is of the opinion that there is no mileage in taking scopes with us ' ..... as the sky is the same throughout Britain' !!!! I disagree. (Wife's prerogative!!) I think that we shall find differences throughout the UK, if only in the light pollution levels and open vistas. What do others think? Christine
  11. Thank you for your reply Dave. We have ordered a, as I now know its called, Celeston power tank which we are picking up tomorrow with our first ever telescopes. As quite a few said in other forums - everyone makes mistakes at first - I just hope that this isn't ours !!! Kind regards Christine
  12. Hi Zakkhogan, I probably do mean the power tank. We are collecting it and our new scopes tomorrow, so there might be half a chance that I will understand a bit more about the power tank by this time next year - maybe even have used it by then !!! A man in Brecon on a caravan club site about four years ago has a lot to answer to - his was the first ever scope that we looked into - we still remember the WOW feeling that we had that night looking at the moon !!! That is where our interest started - It is only now that we have been in a position to do something about it - retirement has some benefits. Do you think that with both of us running a GO TO system we might need to look at two of the smaller power tanks, or do you think that one power tank could run two GO TO systems for a night? Kind regards Christine
  13. I (and my husband) are also newbies to the whole astronomy thing. We have read loads of books about equipment, actual star finding etc etc, but the problem with books is that they cant always tell you what you want to know when it comes to personal experiences and comparisons. We have looked at 'other' astronomy sites that have been interesting, but this is the one that seems to have enough informed members to be able to give a variety of answers to many, many questions. Bearing in mind that we are newbies, we have seen questions and answers on topics that we didn't even know existed !!! Having read a lot of the posts and forums over the past few days, not once have I seen evidence any of anyone, or their questions, being dissed. How refreshing for a group of this size. Long may this site and its wonderful leaders / members continue, and long may it remain Troll free. Many, many thanks to all who have made us welcome and everyone who has replied to our questions so far. Christine
  14. Thank you Bright Giant for the link to the Spalding group. Alas I have received a reply, after using the link provided to message, telling me that the Spalding group disbanded in December 2014. The person that sent me the email is called Jeff Powell. I am assuming that this was an official reply - I have now asked Mr Powell if he knows of any other group in the area but I have not, as yet, had any further communication from him. Thank you again. Christine
  15. Hi, We have ordered a 7 amp h power pack (the larger one was too heavy for me to lift) BUT my husband has now read that the running time powering a GO TO system for one scope is only about 3 - 4 hours. Can anyone give us feed back please on the actual running time that a full charge will give as we have been told that it SHOULD last at least all night ??? As we are both planning on using Go To systems at the same time, would we need to look at two power packs? We have also read that the 8 batteries required to power the GO TO systems last about 2 - 3 hours so a plentiful supply of AA batteries is a must ..... Opinions on this as well please if possible. Many thanks Christine
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