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  1. I've bought both, but only when flicking through and seeing something that interests me. If you are the sort of person who doesn't mind reading on a device and you have other interests you might want to have a look at Readly £9.99 per month to look at a lot of different magazines including back issues. I'm about one magazine away from subscribing myself, I have used a trial and it works well. They currently have Sky at Night and All about Astronomy on their list (They may have some American magazines too)
  2. Motors arrived yesterday, fitted pretty easy. I had read somewhere that it has a cheap feel to it and I agree with that, seem like something made in the seventies, especially the battery case!! Would be handy if they colour coded the cables/plugs for the two different motors to save me the follow the lead to the plug to find out which one it is. They also could be co-joined to some extent too, although I'll wrap them together at some point. Still after roughly aligning I put it to the test, works a dream, left it for ten minutes and a little tweak on the Dec and Jupiter was re-centered. Next thing I'll be buying is a mains adaptor cheaper than one set of batteries! After that probably an EP now, I want to try a BST!
  3. So with a bit of time on my hands and a load of spare stuff at work I thought I'd build a case for my scope. In doing so i thought about making it a seat also, but it was a little too tall and not adjustable, a workstation sprang to mind as my tablet accidentally sprang across the patio!! (luckily on a few small marks on the case!) Haven't finished inside yet, but it's ok, If i were paying for bits Id probably do it in MDF, but as it was made from leftover stuff at work it'll do (I only had to buy a handle.) As you can see the shelf on the right is a bit flimsy, but will do as an area for the computer mouse. It's on wheels and I've also put a Celestron sticker on it to match the scope!
  4. Plans may have changed, FLO are out of stock, demand outstripped supply until early June!!
  5. Well I think I've narrowed it down to either the motors or camera, eyepieces can wait I think. Need to think how much id use the camera really, so leaning towards the motors.
  6. Oh and thanks for the Birthday wishes Toilandtrouble!
  7. Mmmm at the moment It's mainly just imaging Jupiter! However I am looking to start star hopping more and getting a bit more knowledgeable on the night sky The camera change is mainly for use outside of Astronomy as an upgrade on a Bridge I really shouldn't have wasted money on! I'm unsure as to my future in guiding, on one hand it seems good fun and a lot of playing about with kit, on the other it also seems very expensive! As you suggest if I were to get serious then it would also really mean upgrading the mount. I think it's possible that I may just opt for some piggybacking of SLR on the scope if that is possible combined with continued use of a webcam. At the moment I'm now leaning towards the motors (1) and would possibly follow it up in future with (3) or just (4)!!
  8. So it's fairly obvious to me know that there is always that something to buy next with this hobby. Feeling flush to the tune of about £100 following my birthday I've been thinking what to buy:- Options are:- 1) EQ5 Motor Drive http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/enhanced-dual-axis-dc-motor-drives-for-eq-5.html £109.00 2) Sell my Celestron eyepiece kit and buy some BST eyepieces (should be able to buy 4) 3) Buy a polarscope and one BST Eyepiece 4) Sell my Fuji Bridge camera and buy a Canon 450D second hand. Motor drive would help with the limited webcam imaging I do, as well as maybe help with star hopping? Also has a ST4 port for a bit of upgrading in future. But I do wonder how necessary it is Selling my eyepiece kit would mean reducing the number of eyepieces I have, and would mean having to wait to buy a Barlow to compliment them. I also do not know how good BST's are in comparison Buying a Polarscope would mean better tracking and one BST would give me direct comparison with my Celestron Plossls. But then would a polarscope be wasted if I'm not using a motor drive Upgrading my camera would mean a decent camera, although I would not mod it as I would want to use it as a normal camera too, however I assume I would still be able to use it for some Astro. I'm pretty sure I'll do one of the above, but can't make up my mind which, I'm obviously open to any other suggestions!
  9. Ignore my earlier picture of Jupiter, this is the best picture of Jupiter I have taken!! Thanks to my 12 y.o. daughter who made it for my Birthday
  10. I like the embroidery ring idea! I used the above videos to help me out too, very easy to understand and follow.
  11. Also don't forget the Moon! The views through my scope blew me away nearly as much as Jupiter, Saturn's next for me!
  12. Agree on Jupiter, I'm a newbie too, but Jupiter just blew me away. 4 Moons and the bands should be visable.
  13. Link here https://sites.google.com/site/astropipp/
  14. PIPP Is a program that you can use to combine videos, centre the planet, and crop. (Which is what I use it for). It probably does lots of other stuff too! It then outputs a video ready to be used by Registax
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