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  1. I am debating between which camera to purchase for my begin in astrophotogprahy: -Canon 450D -Canon 100D -Canon 1200D Please tell me what you would recommend -Thanks Note: I am not looking to mod in the foreseeable future although I understand it would be of a great help. I have seen images taken with an unmodded 450 and I believe it would be a wonderful place to start.
  2. I am extremely new to astrophotography and I have been looking into getting the Canon 450 D. I've also been encouraged to purchase the Orion Adventures in Astrophotoraphy Bundle. Any thoughts or comments would be of great help. It gets difficult to navigate through everything online at times so I've found it easiest to educate myself through forums. I was also wondering if there is any free software that I should look into and if yall knew of reliable online sites to purchase cameras and gear within the US. Thank you for your time.
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