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  1. Brilliant picture considering it was taken on a phone. Camera and kit next time, get better definition on outer edges
  2. Been away to long, lovely pics on here from the last few days

    1. xtreemchaos


      welcome back mate...

    2. Puglets
  3. Been away to long, lovely pics on here from the last few days

  4. I have sorted it now thanks for the speedy replies
  5. Seen it clearly tonight and yes it was better early evening, wish my camera would hurry up and be delivered!!!!
  6. Set up my az eq6 Gt but when switching from my larger eyepieces to small the object is not tracking in view any tips? Can I adjust it into view and reamend somehow??!
  7. Baader 8-24 zoom is a great purchase for convenience and a barlow would be beneficial too. Good make, EP's not sure about the Zoom though.
  8. Ok if you like Scott Phillips astrophotography Facebook he will add you in to the group. I had similar problems finding it!
  9. Will do l8 nite, it's not my Facebook group just putting the word out. Took me long enough to find it!
  10. I think it is a closed group great to keep prying eyes out but not great when you want people to join. Pm me with your Facebook name and I can add you
  11. Hi everyone we have set up a Facebook group to arrange outings for people living in the Carmarthen area feel free to join so we can organise a meet up and help each other out and get a community going Group is called Carmarthenshire Astronomy Club, any problems finding it on Facebook please let us know
  12. I have liked your Facebook page Scott if you could add me to the group that would be great can't find it for love nor money!
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