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  1. Well, the cloud lifted enough here near Reading to get some great views just after it started. Really pleased at how crisp and distinct the disc of Mercury is on the face of the sun. Cloud thickening up now and looking like it might rain.
  2. Weather forecast for south of England really not looking good for tomorrow. Cloud cover from early morning onward. From about Birmingham northwards looks OK.
  3. Great, Thanks for your advice. The 24mm Maxvision gets good reviews. I'm hoping to get a good bit more than £70 asking price of the new EP for reselling the Celestron Eyepiece set on e-bay once I can free up the 32mm Plossl, so hopefully a new bit of astronomy kit is set to actually cost me a negative amount of money
  4. I have a Celestron 8SE. I'm completely new to astronomy, and shortly after buying it I bought a Celestron Eyepiece and filter kit for around £110 off e-bay to get me started. Since then I have gradually been buying higher quality EP's and a Barlow (Celestron X-Cel, generally, which I have been very happy with). I am keen to resell the kit on e-bay as I now have better EP's for almost all the focal lengths I want and have never really much used the filters which come in the set . However, the one EP I do use from the set is the 32mm Plossi and I use it quite a lot. So I am looking for a recommendation for a lowish power decent quality 1.25" eyepiece to finish off my eyepiece set which will allow me to no longer rely on the 32mm Plossi and so allow me to flog the Celestron kit. The low power X-Cel EP's are 2" and I don't really want to go down that route so I am open to suggestions of something which will augment what I already have at 1.25". I have a budget of £70-£90. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
  5. Hi, I have just bought a Nexstar 8SE, and while a have a power tank, I was looking to get an AC supply to power it for convenience when using it in my garden. I found this:- http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/maplin-36w-switched-mode-acdc-fixed-voltage-12v-power-supply-n22ju at Maplins-seems to fit the bill-regulated power supply, 12V, 3A, regulated output, 2.1mm dia inside positive terminal, 5.5mm dia outside (negative) terminal. Seems to tick all of the boxes. Anyone any experience/ see any reason not to buy one? Thanks in advance.
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