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  1. Depending on the season, AAS sticks to the big showstoppers: Moon M42 M45 Planets Albeiro M32 Leo Triplet We have a big solar section - so get Ha, baader herschel wedge, solar film views in early evening sessions as well. Good effort on the outreach - its always rewarding to reap the "wow" moments.
  2. I like a session of about 3-4 hours, but I'm lucky in that I have quite a long attention span and always wear appropriate clothing. The surest way to cut a session down is to be uncomfortable, so having drinks/snacks/comfy seat/mats to kneel on etc is what makes all the difference. Also having likeminded astro-buddies will keep you going.
  3. I did much the same - and then upgraded with a length of fibre networking cable so that I got a far narrower beam. If you ask your local IT bod they will probably have a short length spare... or even buying is about a fiver.
  4. Cracking shots! Really nice faculae on the white light.
  5. I'm travelling down from Aberdeen for a week, staying in one of the cabins (tiddler in tow...and wife only does Glamping...) so will be begging for somewhere to setup the GP-DX and ED103... anyone got a little space?
  6. Part of the problem is sheer size - I was imaging the sun and took 300 subs on my 20D, so as each frame is 15Mb...how can I shift that to you?
  7. This Cloud has definitely had a silver lining!
  8. Looks plenty, I have a DFK21 which will be getting the same treatment as your DMK41 shortly. I tried unscrewing everything - and its just as you described and all as per the manual. Have you tried a Calcium K line filter?
  9. Just gotten my new toy - the "P" version, fitted it to my ED103 and checked it visually with Ethos13mm. Sun looks lovely. Then I fitted my Canon 20D with MaxDSLR 2"nosepiece and I can't achieve focus, it wants to be closer than I can push the focusser! Has anyone else had this problem? I'm aware that some Takahashi refractors have this issue - but I wasn't aware that the Vixen would too. Any suggestions?
  10. I use a script in Spectrum Lab to count the pings and create a text file that Colorgram can understand. Check out rmob.org if you havnt already.
  11. Nice composition - although both of the images are spoilt by your dust bunnies. Have you had a look at your sensor? I'd get a blower and clean it (best plan is to hold it upside down, select sensor clean and then carefully use a hand blower to take those rocks out....plenty of tutorials on web to show you how). Good luck!
  12. I think some others are far bulkier than they need be... incidentally in TorcDobIV I added a second truss arm for stability to take some of the spring out of the cantilever. You have to consider what you are pushing against, I use a virtual counterweight to keep the bottom trunnion as low as possible - which has increased the force needed which in turn means the cantilever needs to be stiffer. The next version builds on this to work with no secondary mirror and convert it to a Chiefspiegler (lenses bought, optical flat bought...just need a full night's sleep and I'll get it sorted).
  13. I run my imaging rig on a very ageing Apple PowerBook G4 at 1.7GHz with 2Gb RAM... never skips a beat. Don't use AV as there are no viruses on Mac anyway. This includes Nebulosity/PHD on firewire cam/Shoestring long exp trigger/Shoestring autoguider adaptor/Canon 350D/ SS2K.
  14. Tut Tut Ian - get thee a copy of Nebulosity, shoot tethered and you'll love working the bias/dark/flats in RAW so much more
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