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  1. Hi everyone.....I like to buy my gear,especially the most expensive stuff by talking to the experts face to face and by having a good look over the equipment.....I'm hoping you good people know of shops in the north wales/ north west ,maybe even Shropshire who can recommend a good retailer.
  2. Hi all.....I got a t ring to attach my canon eos 700d to a skywatcher scope..I know my red dot is spot on in terms of alignment but when I try to view Jupiter through the camera live view screen I see nothing...I've tried the scope focus but no joy.......are there certain settings I need to set my camera to to get an image..? Also while I've got your attention what are your opinions on 14mm f2.8 samyang lenses...?
  3. Hi everyone...I'm looking to buy a dslr camera for astro photography......I don't hav a specific budget....can you suggest a good standard of camera (Nikon/ canon). What lenses are a must? what other equipment are essential?
  4. Hi all..is said model ok for starting out in astro photography and can some one suggest a good dedicated visual and descriptively accurate website for advice on beginning astrophotographery.. Cheers all.
  5. I'm hearing ya floater.....I'm loving looking at the moon and Jupiter so any eye piece to enhance that......and I'm really looking forward to orions arrival and if possible view the Orion Nebula..my telescope is a skywatchers 130 eq2
  6. ...hi all....I'm having a great time with my new telescope when weather allows.....it came with a 10mm 25mm and a barlows.......what other lens and filters would you recommend to get in the future.?
  7. Thanks to everyone for your help....I took the advice and found my finderscope was out so adjusted it in daylighting...many thanks.
  8. Had my first view last night too.....brilliant !
  9. Hi everyone..despite a cloudy night Jupiter was on view ,so for the first time I got my new telescope( skywatcher 130 eq2) out for a look.time wasn't on my side so I couldn't align to Polaris but assumed as long as I wasn't intending to fully track it that wouldn't be a problem.i managed to find it momentarily and was thrilled..! I then lost it when I knocked the tripod..DOH! the problem I got was despite my best efforts to line my scope to findJupiter again I just couldn't get it in view...! Was proper frustrating..any tips for me please..I used my finderscope ...I have a 10mm a 25mm and Barl
  10. Hi everyone. After many years of hints I'm finally going to be unwrapping a telescope for my birthday. After research I chose a skywatcher 130 for £199. Reviews I read all seemed to be positive....my expectations of what I will be able to see are ,I feel, realistic,but I would like to know what is good to observe in the summer and are there any recommendations for dark sky's in the Chirk/wrexham area.....
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