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  1. Hi I have ordered a WO GT81 iv and will use it with my NEQ6. In order to improve balancing, I would like to remove the original dovetail, and attach the scope to the WO 400mm Losmandy type D. (link below) https://williamoptics.com/products/accessories/mounting/losmandy-style-type-d-swan-series I know there are three holes on the underside of the mounting rings, and I would like to use all 3, but what thread are they and what’s the distance between them? Many thanks
  2. Hi IDAS Light Pollution Suppression D2 48MM Purchased from FLO in June for £175 Used once. Excellent condition. For sale £85.
  3. Hi I was imaging Mars yesterday evening, with my SW 300PDS on an NEQ6 mount. I use the Synscan app on an Ipad mini. I noticed Uranus and Neptune were located in the same area, so I looked at the planet list on the app and both planets were not shown. I altered a few setting with no luck. Could anyone explain why they were not listed, and a solution? Thanks Mark
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