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  1. www.lightpollutionmap.info contains worldwide VIIRS data for the last 3 years... looks like North Korea could be a safe bet for dark skies?
  2. A lack of "astro" darkness doesn't mean and end to it. Saturn, Mars, Jupiter still around for many months. Planning to lug the 925 down to Cornwall at the end of June for some dark sky planetary obs. Also Mercury transit in May as some have pointed out... need to get onto FLO for a new solar filter though!
  3. I have a CPC925 and an Astrozap shield. Personally i've never needed a heater as the shield copes well enough on it's own. I bought the Astrozap as the Celestron was out of stock at the time, but having listened to a few people whilst out and about, most seem to prefer the AZ anyway. *Caveat - I'm not near a large body of water/marsh!*
  4. +1 for 80A (blue) on Jupiter, really enhances the belts for me when i'm lucky enough to have the seeing.
  5. Been waiting for this for a long time! Getting clear enough skies combined with the right terminator position yields (IMO) one of the finest sights for lunar observation, Jura mountains glittering in sunlight while Sinus Iridium remains in shadow. Shame I can't do video Session cut short though, my hand controller decided to reboot and just kept sticking on "Initialize", hope it was just the cold... Clear skies, Chris
  6. Damn - busy tonight, out in Redhill so might pop over to Ranmore later on, won't have the scope with me though.
  7. For lunar observing - Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Debussey's Clair De Lune. Mike Oldfield's "Crises" and "Taurus II" sometimes make an appearance on the iPod. All other times - Silence. Except the local wildlife. Even though I live in a town, I am literally "the last house" with open fields to the rear. So it's owls hooting / foxes barking most nights!
  8. Maintain, Clean, Plan next session, Maintain, Clean, Plan next session, Maintain, Clean, Plan next session, Maintain, Clean, Plan next session, Maintain, Clean, Plan next session, Maintain, Clean, Plan next session, Maintain, Clean, Plan next session.... You get the idea. Given the weather recently, I have some very clean gear.
  9. Hi Infinity and welcome! I, like you, am a Celestron 925 user with a collection of X-Cel LX EPs. The focus knob can be quite tricky to "fine tune", especially under such high magnifications and where, as other members have noted, seeing may not be so good. Personally I use a lightweight (plastic) ring spanner over the knob to allow for fine adjustments to the focus. I can tell you that the X-Cel is nowhere near parfocal with the stock EP's supplied with the scope. This means a fair amount of focus travel is required when switching between X-Cel/non X-Cel EP's (in my case over 1 full turn i
  10. I would have been up for the drive but a bit short notice TBH. Must arrange a meet soon (pref. during a new Moon!) as I haven't lugged the scope further than my back garden in nearly a year....
  11. Hello all, I ordered a Hyperion EP only to find that the retaining screws on the stock diagonal supplied with my Evo9.25 foul the EP barrel, due to the fact that the heads extend above the plane of the EP receptacle, this pic shows it quite well: Tried looking on Astroboot for some replacement screws without such a large head but I cannot find any reference to what size is required - can anybody advise? I really don't want to replace the whole diagonal! Thanks, Chris
  12. Yesterday Channel, Wednesday 21:00: GiantsSeason 1 | Episode 3 | Length 1 hourNews & Documentaries, Features Exploring our cosmic neighbours, who we haven't yet paid a courtesy call to. This edition looks at the vast planets of gas at the far reaches of our solar system. S1 Ep3 HTH! Chris
  13. "The Sun". Friday 21:00, Discovery Science. "Using the latest astronomical technology we take a sizzling journey into the heart of the sun, and ask the greatest minds on Earth to explain its mysteries." Is this a repeat (i.e. has anyone seen it and is it worth watching)? Might just be me but I find most astro-related programmes these days are a little low-brow. They tend to deprecate the actual science in favour of the over-use of CGI, just-a-bit-too-loud background music etc... Oh, and TSAN last night was actually rather good for once... http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06cbmpr/the-sky
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