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  1. I have C9.25 on a AVX mount which I am using very successfully for viewing. I would now like to start autoguiding and some imaging and know the AVX will not handle the extra weight. I have been look at the Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro, AZ EQ6-GT & CGEM DX. The NEQ6 Pro appeals a lot to me due to being 400+ cheaper than the others and would leave money over to purchase a nice tiplet to mount on the AVX in the very near future. Looking at the spec of the NEQ6 I'm sure it would handle the load but would you spend more on one of the other two mounts and if so why Look forward to hearing your views PaulP
  2. Many thanks to you all for taking the time to give your advice & comments the book I will get & start reading. I have just been looking at next years star party & think this could be a good weekend spent, lots of advice & different types of setups. I am in no rush to upgrade its more important that I end up with the correct equipment for my needs. Mean time lots of reading & hopefully clear skies with 5se. Once again many thanks, all have been very helpful. Paul
  3. I have had my Nexstar 5se for about a year now which as been great for observing and a little bit of planetry imaging. I would now like to move forward to some more serious astrophotography using my dslr and purchasing a ccd. I start looking at the Advanced VX 9.25 but have read the mount is not best for astrophotography so have move on & I am currently looking at a CGEM 9.25 XLT & the CGEM 800 (8") Edge HD First can the mount take the weight (scope, autoguider,dslr camera ect) Secondly which is the better scope for both observing & imaging I appreciate I might have to make some trade off I would like to stay with Celestron as I already have the GPS & Starsense but could steer away if other equipment is a lot better suited Any advice would be greatly appreciate. Paul
  4. I am looking to upgrade my Nikon D3000 camera. I would like to stay with Nikon so I don't have to buy new lens. I am looking at a budget of around £500 and I am considering a D5500. Will this camera meet most needs or should I wait a while until I can afford a better camera and if so which camera. I will be using the camera with a Celeston 5se Looking forward to hearing your advice and views
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