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  1. Thanks Dave, very helpful will do just that. Jos, at one point I aimed almost straight up incase it was that lol
  2. So what product di you recommend I get to sort this? I'll be using the scope for astrophotography
  3. I use the HoTech SCA Field Flattener with the camera.... But not with the EPs... The moon is still up, I'll try and view it in the daylight now...
  4. No focus at all...last night was the first time, I've not actually attempted during daylight yet...Will do this morning, though I did have the moon, but again, I couldn't get it in focus, just a blur.
  5. sure, here's a few photos with my 1200d attached a few days ago...
  6. I have been doing this hobby since March and never had this issue with my Celestron 8SE but after getting my new Skywatcher Equinox from FLO, I've been dying to try it out for imaging, but not had the opportunity until tonight due to bad weather conditions. My problem is that after setting up on my azeq6 mount, I was unable to view any stars for focusing via my 5D Mark ii on af5 - f8 field flattener. After multiple attempts, I took the camera off and set up a 25mm, then a 18mm X-Cel EP, both with no joy - still no stars. I then focused on the moon, nice and bright tonight I knew I wouldn't have a problem finding it, but the image of the moon was very blurry, regardless of moving the focus from one end to the other. Any advice really would be great as i'm really keen to try and capture some DSOs with my new set up but without any stars, I just cannot focus and get the images I need. Here's my set up: Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  7. I'll be going if Saturday and clear... Got new gear I'm desperate to try out!!!
  8. Looking to upgrade my 1100d and 1200d cannon cameras for astrophotography both DSO's and planetary imaging. Want to stay with canon... i'd have about £400 to spend... recommendations please!
  9. stunning pal, fantastic shot.
  10. I have a Skywatcher azeq6 mount, but my scope is no good for imaging dso's (Celestron 8se) and now have funds to upgrade... I'm either going to go for the Skywatcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro Outfit or the Skywatcher Equinox 80 APO PRO OTA... This scope will be for imaging and not viewing. Any input would be greatly appreciated
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