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  1. I have a 6SE, mainly to binoview with (William Optics binoviewer) - but am unsure as to what good quality diagonal I should buy to keep a short optical path, so many choices..... I wanted to ask the SGL collective for advice before spending my hard earned, I have a Baader Clicklock 2" to 1.25 converter which might or might not be useful, and looking at spending around £100. Maybe the following are possible options? Revelation Dielectric 99% Quartz 1.25" Diagonal - £52 or Baader Planetarium Prism Diagonal T2 90 Degree 32mm at £88 Any other thoughts / ideas much appreciated!
  2. Excellent thread! Here's my beginners Mk1 Maplin's case. The moment I put it down to take a photo the little one was ready to check it out and here's the case contents - Maxvision 16, 20, 24, 28 - ES 8.8, WO binoviewer, Focal extender and Cheshire.
  3. Excellent - we'll certainly point it to the heavens to test, the spotting scope was not the easiest to scan the skies, just general scanning last time was still fun, I'm sure the 52 will be better on a tripod. I may have to source a small finder though. And thanks John & Pete G for clarification on the development and eyepiece type and Opticron Vixen collaboration - it really does look quality. GS 52 incoming.
  4. Hi Peter, Thanks for the info, I have a feeling that the Celestron, even the 100mm at around £250 wouldn't be nearly as good optically as the Opticron / Nikon - so worth the extra £80. It's good to know that opticron can mix with the Nikon which has excellent reviews. He's currently using an unbranded 30 year old scope - looks ex military. The optics are not fantastic and he's been using this scope for about 10 years. He deserves an upgrade for his 60th for putting up with it for so long. I would say he generally shoots in decent light. I would hope the Opticron would be contrasty enough for viewing general UK weather/cloud. Although not it's main use, I'd still be interested to see if a 52mm spotting scope can be used for some basic astronomy.
  5. I figure this is the case - slept on it and it and I'm going to go for the Opticron offer - quality glass on promotion is probably something I should take up - it will also be more portable and it has a nice jacket. I have a gut feeling the other options I looked at might disappoint. I also didn't know about the vixen opticron link so I can see now where the price comes from. I was actually just mentioning the bird fair to a work colleague, he's been a number of times and said pretty much the same, so much to look at. He also advised leaving my wallet at home to prevent the inevitable purchase that happens there.
  6. Hi Ronin, Thanks for the detailed response. Yes, shame I left it so late 2 weeks doesn't leave much time to find the right thing. The idea of a spotting scope only came about recently. Just last week we compared Celestron 15x70 bins and his scope, the bins were noticeably better by day and night. I'm not sure exactly what scope he has, it's a 30 year old ex military looking thing he bought for about £80 maybe 10 years ago. The clarity and brightness was definitely lacking, so I know he'll appreciate new optics. Until the last few days I have never heard of Opticron, I believe they are a mid range offering, they do seem pricey. My Dad did mention Leupold as a brand but they are out of my price bracket. Looks like it's a stab in the dark between a 52mm opticron, 80mm Acuter and a 100mm Celestron. I'm sure there all good, and it would seem I'm in a battle between ED glass and aperture. Damn. Thanks for the heads up about Rutland, I'm only half an hour away, I like Binoculars and my 18 month old boy enjoys feeding & watching ducks etc so that's a day out in the bag
  7. Hello, It's my dad's 60th in a few weeks and I'm planning on buying him a spotting scope to replace the poor one he currently has, but which scope should I buy? He target shoots mainly at 100m sometimes 200m which will be it's primary use, but also for some occasional pointing at clouds/sky. £300 is pretty much the limit of spend, but the offer at FLO for the Opticron GS 52 GA ED with case looks mighty tempting at £329. I was also looking at the Celestron 80mm and the Acuter DS Pro. Before I hit the buy button I just wanted to get an idea on what is optically sound around this price point. Thoughts welcome & appreciated Danny
  8. Thanks for the advice, I ordered an oilstone from screwfix (think that's the same as a whetstone) and will give that & the screw tightening a shot first before adding a fine focuser, I've seen the Lacerta upgrade kit on 365 astronomy for £60, which looks good. The focuser quality seems ok, just the set-up/finish is a bit sloppy.
  9. Thanks all for the good advice. The stock one just doesn't seem fine enough to me, a bit of DIY to smooth things out & the microfocus upgrade looks like the solution for me, this also means one less shiny thing to hide from the wife.
  10. I would really appreciate some advice regarding the Skywatcher crayford focuser on the 250px. In my last few sessions I started to notice I was slowly racking backward and forward to find focus. The higher the mag the more difficult it is to get razor sharp focus, annoyingly so. The sharp focus point is there, just takes a little toing and froing to get there. I think I just found the stock crayford is not the greatest engineering. I don't plan on imaging/heavy loads, but I do have binoviewers which would benefit from a low profile focuser, so maybe I need to bite the bullet and upgrade. I suppose my question is do I try to improve the focuser I have or upgrade to the skywatcher low profile dual speed, Moonlite CR1 or god forbid the CR2? I chose these options mainly because there woould be no drilling required. I know the CR2 will be superior in everyway, but is it really worth it over the outlay of £150 for the Skywatcher version. Thanks for any help!
  11. I'm by no means an expert with the ideal ranges, I suppose it's an individual thing - but that's definitely the plan with the 8.8 - a magnification of 136 & 272, which for me made more sense than a 4.7 alone. I would say something like 24 or 28, 16/14 & 11/8.8 and a 2x barlow would probably be good to start. The 16mm Maxvision is the eyepiece I used most, so far.
  12. Hello Warpi, I have the same scope as you and after much deliberation went for Maxvision 28, 24, 20 & 16, ES 8.8 & ES 2x focal extender. Maybe a little overkill on the Maxvisions, but after a few hours with the 16 and 24mm I wanted to try the 28 and 20 too. As others have said MV's really are a bit of a steal.
  13. Thanks for a warm welcome everyone, much appreciated!
  14. Hello from a Yorkshireman living in Nottingham. I'm quite new to astronomy and have spent the last 3-4 months learning the sky with with a pair of binos, a planisphere, and an app on my tablet. Having got the bug and of course wanting to see more, I am now the proud owner of a 10" dob (250px). In-between what seems like continuous cloud, I have managed some mind blowing views of the Moon, Jupiter, Orion Nebula and Pleiades, so plenty more to come. There's a dent in my wallet, but I'm enjoying the knowledge on these boards & my new hobby very much.
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