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  1. Saw Saturn last night and it was beautiful to behold again. Used my 127 MAK with Baader Hyperions, firstly 24 MM, then 13mm and managed the 8mm and finally the 5mm and even then nice clear views of the belts and rings. That too when the moon was close!!
  2. Hi Brantuk, thanks for the info, they sound an amazing product well worth waiting for. Have you been given a price for your? Ken
  3. Can I thank everyone for their input on Binoviewers, I am considering buying the WO binoviewers when I can find someone in the UK who sells them! Ive tried contacting first light optics twice today to get a price but no joy. Thanks for the welcome. I will let you know what I think when I manage to get them. ken from sunny Yorkshire (as if)
  4. Hi All, anyone used the WO Binos with a 127 MAK? If so how are they? Will they be OK? Secondly I have some hi powered Bins 20x80 and fancy The Sky Window app which allows viewing the night sky looking downwards into a mirror. Anyone used it and can you get one in the UK? Thanks in advance Ken
  5. Thank you, I'm very impressed with this GOTO mount. Highly recommended. Ken
  6. Hi all, I purchased the SynScan AZ for my 127 SkyMak. When setting up the coordinates I use my GPS Iphone data but my SynScan AZ wont let me enter what's precisely on the Iphone. Also do I select daylight saving or not? Thanks Ken
  7. I have an Iphone and found that the Itunes website have some excellent astronomical software. Starmap and starmap pro, isteller to mention just a few.
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    thanks for the kind welcome to all
  9. ken spencer


    Hi just thought Id say hello from darkest Huddersfield
  10. I have the skymak 127 and am considering buying the GOTO mount seperatley, it sounds very good
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