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  1. Thanks for your tips flyingfuzz & iapa.I will put them to use when clouds go away IF they ever go away.
  2. Hi All. Just set up my second hand starsense hand control to familiarize myself with layout and hopefully get initial settings sorted out. The 1st thing I done with my second hand Nexstar + hand controller was to do a factory reset to clear any previous owner’s info. Do you think the 1st thing to do with starsense controller is to do the same? Bit confused as to setting location. On nexstar + you can input Lat/Lon location but cannot seem to do this with Starsense controller. Sorry got that one sussed out. Again when going to set the Time Zone it is again very different from the nexstar +. It seems the nearest I can get to UK is +0 Western Europe. Would this be the correct setting for UK? Any more tips to preset controller would be appreciated. Many Thanks
  3. Thank for all your input. Going by your comments I will give the right angle finder a miss. One day I may be able to view through one so then can have a more better understanding. Will look at the other options you mentioned. Thank you
  4. Hi All. Some advice of right angle finder scope. I have on my evolution 8 the standard red dot finder that came with it. In one way I like the way it works and no doubt I use it the same way most do. My way is 2 eyes open, left eye on the target star and right eye on the red dot and bring them together. Do not like most the fact you are mostly on your knees to do star align. The other thing I do not like is it is temperamental to work. How many times I have turned the knob for initially aligning red dot up rather than the on/off knob I cannot remember. So I got to either get a better quality red dot finder or look at the 9x 50 right angled finders. Most who have them are very pleased but since I have never seen one I need to ask a question. If you are looking down the finder you are facing the tube not looking along the tube. If that is true then you have to keep on looking up to make sure the alignment star is getting close and my method of keeping one eye on red dot & one eye on star cannot be done. I may be entirely wrong about how it works so hopefully someone will put me right. It does seem most basic red dot finders are about the same and cost the same except if you go up to the baader sky surfer v. I certainly will be getting rid of the default red dot finder.
  5. Hi All. This question has been asked a lot of times and to be honest I am pretty sure I know which way I want to go. There are a lot more experienced observers out there who may point out something I did not think of. Scope: Evolution 8. Eyepieces either got or are getting. Celestron 40mm Plossl... ES 24mm 68°.... Celestron 13mm Plossl .. 12mm or 13mm (yet to buy) + a 17 mm or 18mm also yet to buy. Finally I also have a x-cel lx 9mm. Apart from not deciding what brand of 12 or 13 mm and a 17 & 18 mm to buy, I personally think I do not need a barlow .If I get a 2 x barlow basically I will doubling up on eyepieces I already have or very close to them. If I double up on the 13, 12 or 9 mm then in the UK it would be almost unusable. I will purchase a 12 or 13mm to replace stock 13mm plossl that came with scope. Any comments will be grateful,thanks
  6. Hello - I hope you don't mind the PM, but I saw your post about lithium polymer batteries.  I've posted a nice, reliable, safe one for sale if you're interested ... You can check the Deben website and you will see that it's not the typical Chinese mass produced lipo that is prone to puncture and explosion.  It comes with various protections built in, and it is built to international standards.  Best of all it's only about 750g, so waaaaaaaaaaay lighter than a sealde lead acid batterery.

    OK ... sales pitch over :-)

    Thanks for looking.



  7. Not a good night at all last night, everything that could go wrong did!! Had trouble putting up street light shield, it fell apart, got to design a new one. Got ready to do a 2 star auto align then found I had left the light switch turned on the red dot finder. This is the standard one that comes with the celestron kit and I am beginning to go off it. Changed battery and went to turn on and turned the control that aligns finder with scope so it was now miles out. Did a Polaris 1st star then Dubne as 2nd, aligement failed?? Tried again with Dubne as 1st then Polaris as second, could not see Polaris as now cloud was covering it, took a guess, aligement failed. Do not ask me why as it was not till later on I started to bang my head on the wall for being a plonker. I chose Dubne but alignned on Merak. I forgot my finder was out and it just happened to be pointing at Merak which I took for Dubne, I should of known. Decided then to try the revelation 1.25 focal reducer that came with scope. I knew it is supposed to screw into scope before the diagonal but it was miles too small. The only place it would screw into was the eyepiece which I knew was wrong and could not see a thing. Took that off and tried for the 1st time the ES 24mm 68 ° eyepieces. Once it was in the diagonal I could not do diagonal screws up as it hit the eyepiece. Only by pulling it out about 2-3 mm could I tighten the screws. Decided to give up and unplugged the handset and then I thought I will test 24mm on the moon but slew scope manually. The moon was right in front of me but could I get it in the eyepiece, no sir. Finally got it in the eyepiece but could not focus it and the same with the 40mm. It was not dew but I think I put the focus so out trying to get focal reducer to work. All in all not a good night but that is how it goes but still frustrating.
  8. Thanks for your quick replies. No D4N no info on how many amps rated at and no mention of current protection. I think it would be wise not to buy this battery and as John says go for the more reliable & tested Yuasa battery . It did seem too good to be true and as you say little chance of being 10000Ah at the price. I am like most people a bit wary of things made in China and we cannot get away from it. But in reality a lot of goods are made in China including astronomy stuff. A lot of goods are made ok but you sometimes get the outright dangerous stuff made and surprisingly let through to UK. I once purchased a torpedo switch for a bedside lamp from Wilko. It was not till I opened it up to wire I saw how bad it was. It is standard to connect wires in the connector with a screw. This one had no screws at all but wires went under a sort of spring clip and a good tug pulled them out,that went into the bin. Samsung are not saying where their fated Note 7 batteries are made,China or N. Korea. Wonder where the batteries on planes that catch fire are made?? And of course hoverboards etc??
  9. Hi All. Just looking for advice on a 12v 10000Ah lithium battery for sale on ebay uk. I did notice that on ebay.com (USA) they have the same battery for sale. The one I am looking at is available in the UK but the rest come from either China, Hong Kong or Guernsey. I have no experience in lithium batteries and to me it does seem cheap @ £20.78 inc p.p, Ebay UK No 152224745914 The same batteries (and photos) on sale on ebay.com are between $22-25 inc p.p, Ebay.com No 182063039389 . It could well be that 12v lithium batteries are coming down in price anyway. The things that puts me off is the description on the ebay seller has the charger included but seller then states the charger is not included which means another £10 on top of that price. Another thing is the seller has 209 negative feedbacks for one month!! Not good!! The specs if you do not have a look are:- DC 12V 10000mAh Rechargeable Protable Li-ion Battery Lithium-ion+UK Plug Charger Specifications:input voltage: 12.6 VCDoutput voltage:12.6-10.8 VCD 10000mAhCapacity: 10000mAhCharger Adapter:UKPackage Included:1 X Lithium-ion battery1x Charger Adapter !!!!!!!!!!!???????? I will hoping if this is ok to power a dew heater strap & controller for a 8” sct for about 2 hours. If power is not enough and the item seems too cheap for what it is I will give it a miss. Thanks for any input. P.S No idea why some type is highlighted in a white box,sorry
  10. Hi Mark. Thanks for the link to Maplin power socket and the heads up on led wiring round the wrong way + having the fuse on the positive side which makes sense really. Had a look at your controller and was expecting something similar but man was I wrong,a work of art, Very neat layout,excellent.
  11. Hi All. I have just started buying the parts needed for 2 channel controller following Blackwaterskies instructions. I have most of parts needed but got a question about the power socket that attaches to box. I see you can buy 2 sizes (at least), 2.5 x 5.5 mm single hole fixing socket or a 2.1 mm x 5.5mm. Not sure what size I need to buy, not having seen any of them my gut feeling is the bigger 2.5mm? Once the controller is made I am then turning my attention to a dew strap. As yet not decided to make my own or buy a heated strap but once I do that it is the power source. I know I need to work out the dew strap power requirement before I purchase a battery. Ideally a rechargeable lithium battery would be best only as this can be strapped to telescope mount and do away with the wire wrap that will happen with a battery on the floor. I only observe for about 2 hours at a time so do not need a battery to run heater all night. The scope is a 8” nexstar evolution so plenty of places to strap battery to. Some searching of forums needed on battery advice before I commit to buying one. Any help on power socket size to buy for controller would be appreciated.
  12. Hi all. I have the evolution 8 with standard eyepieces,13 + 40 mm. Not used scope much due to too much cloud. I have read that the 13 mm is pretty naff although having never compared to another eyepiece I cannot confirm this . I will in the future look for an alternative eyepiece to replace the 13 mm but do not know what with as yet. I have a chance to purchase a second hand Explore Scientific 24mm 68 degree for a very reasonable price and was wondering if it would be a good replacement for the 40mm that came with scope. To me it seems a big jump from 40 to 24 as they are both considered low power. I must admit I have read that a 32mm is a good replacement for the 40mm so maybe a 24 mm is too big a jump. Must admit wrote a short list of eyepieces to get and it was 32 - 24-17-12 + 9mm . So the 24 is in my list but that does not mean my choice of different eyepieces are correct.I tend not to have a preference in observing the sky so I thought my list would cover all.Thanks for any advice.
  13. Hello all. Been meaning to purchase a telescope for ages now but what with one thing & another it has not worked out,get your handkerchiefs out Anyway I have been told that a Celestron C8 Advanced Series GT telescope may be up for sale for around £550 ($791) It comes with the standard equipment as the seller is keeping all his additional lenses for his new evolution 8". It,so he says is in good condition and I can go round for a session if we get a clear night!! Now I know the GT mount is an old lady and from what I have read no comparison to the new VX mount. If and that is an if he sells it for the £550 would that be a good buy? providing it is in good condition? The C8 VX is around £1350 ($1492) so a lot of difference in price,but the question is would it be worth the extra £800 to get the VX set up?? I will not, absolutely not be doing any astrophotography and I will be more of a casual user of an hour or two rather than the all night sessions. Although ithe GT set up is a reasonable price I do not want to be wishing I purchased the VX 6 months down the line. Thanks for any help
  14. I do a lot of metal detecting and therefore go onto a lot of farms in the UK. When I finally get up & going I will approach a farmer to ask permission if I can set up in one of his fields. I will take along my telescope to show that I am genuine. For detecting they never want payment but at end of year around Xmas always give him a bottle or 2 of his favourite drink. True a lot of fields will be in crop but my experience is they always have land that is not being used and normally there is a flat bit of land. I would say grass land would be the best as far as flatness is concerned but not best for dew. Again, all farms have a hard surface area and not all of them are visible from lights of house, this would be ideal for setting up gear. Farmers are normally quite accommodating as long as you use the right approach and even invite him to have a look through the telescope. Normally the skies are very dark and would be perfect without driving a long way. Some farms are in valleys so to speak and the glow from a town is not easily seen. At least you will have experienced a dark sky and if not right for you try another farm or then drive to a truly dark site. If you were going down this route a little drive around into the villages and try to find a spot which might suit and then approach the farmer,just a thought
  15. I suppose it is horses for courses and choice is purely personal. Like some members have said they started with goto and reverted to manual and vice versa. Both ways will give pleasure. I have to say if I am leaning one way it will be at the moment goto/push to. The main reason at the moment is nothing to do with which one brings more pleasure but 3 pesky street lights. On a few occasions I have gone out and said to my wifey there is no point in getting a scope as I have trouble seeing many stars because of light pollution + the orange glow of town to the west. Having said that I am surprised how just holding the palm of my hand up to block out just one street light improves my night vision of stars by almost 100% .Block out all 3 and it would be a different story. I keep on telling myself I must build 3 light blockers which are easy & cheap to do.A few people have made them out of pvc pipes & tarps to good effect. Even now it would vastly improve my bino viewing let alone trying to manually find stars. Whatever method we l prefer you can bet say in 10 years the way technology is advancing we will be discussing something new to astronomy which today none of us even dream about. I just wonder what else they can come up with?? Will most scopes in 10-15 years be almost totally controlled?? With manual being a minority? I certainly hope not but just what is around the corner perhaps only the developers can tell us and they will not. Perhaps there may even be a thread somewhere where members have said what they think future development of astronomy will bring technology wise?? If there is I would be interested in what they think. My wife is still waiting for the car you can buy that has no wheels!!!! Not in our lifetime, but there are some out there who are getting there with their prototypes!
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