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  1. I am looking to purchasing an EQ mount so I can put my 8se OTA on it to start photographing. Would like some feedback from some of you on which one of these is more dependable. Have read tons on reviews on these two mounts and I'm a bit unsure if one is better than the other.
  2. Wire

    Hello again

    Hi All Just got back to this forum. Have been a member for a few years, but forgot my password to this site. I just now found it in my dresser. I tend to write down my passwords and forget where I put them. So I have made my passwords the same on all my astronomy sites.
  3. Hi all Everyone calls me Wire. Am into amateur radio as well as astronomy. When I'm not doing those two things the Ole Lady and me are on the Harley cruising. Gotta keep her happy too. I have Meade 90 mm refractor and just bought Nexstar 8se. Am using the Meade for solar strictly now. Have always liked astronomy since I was a kid am 62 now.
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