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  1. Hello everybody. It's my first time on an astronomy forum so please be gentle. A complete novice which I'm hoping to change. I've become more and more interested in the night sky..and everything that's in the universe. It's beautiful and fascinating, so fairly sure it'll be a hobby I stick to. I'm an overworked underpaid single mum so looking at the stars is like getting away from it all :-)
  2. Ok, cheers Charic. Yeah I've read that about the Barlow lens. I am a complete novice but I'm hoping I'll stick with this hobby..pretty sure I will if I can achieve good results eventually. So any advice is welcome. I've got a Skywatcher Heritage 130mm. Not bad for my price range at the minute. And how do you measure your pupil size?
  3. Hi there, a good informative post. But as I'm new to this it looks like a lot of numbers and equations at the moment...and maths is not my forte :-) I've finally purchased a decent beginners scope which is a dobsonian f/5, now want to make sure I make the most of it by getting the right eyepieces. So if I've read it correct I would be best with a 2x Barlow, 8mm, 18mm and 25mm? I want to observe deep sky and planets. I already have a 20mm plossl through which I could see Jupiter (mostly as a bright disc) and the four moons, which last night were all in a line, it was amazing. So I don't want to ruin it by buying the wrong eyepieces. I was looking at 6mm..until I read Warthogs post. Any help is appreciated :-)
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