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  1. Hi everyone, I see. I'll try about making it "heavy" so to force the drive. I had a correct two-star alignment for the telescope and it was finding objects relatively well. The controller is set to sidereal rate and I am using the on-board site directory to set my location (which should be OK). I don't have the full sized image with me any more (deleted it), but all the stars in the field showed exactly the same trail. So, another question, for a well-balanced, well-aligned, and well-weight-balanced electronic Celestron VX equatorial mount, what exposure time would you expect BEFORE trailing s
  2. Yes, it was 132 seconds just to clearly show the wiggle problem.
  3. Hi everyone, Thank you for your multiple answers. I didn't expect so much input. I am using a Celestron Advanced VX German Equatorial Mount for both the Newtonian VX 6" (focal length 750 mm) and for the Schmidt - Cassegrain VX 8" (f = 2000 mm). [see here: https://www.astronomics.com/images/Product/large/20045.jpg] I have seen the problem with both telescopes attached to the mount. Are there images that exemplify the "tail heavy" - "tension" balance that is prefered for the telescope? Polar alignment has been done previous to the photography session. Thank you all
  4. Hi everyone, I am new here and new to astrophotography, but not to telescope use (I have been dealing with all kinds for 15 years). I purchased a new Celestron VX 8" Schmidt Cassegrain and Celestron VX 6" Newtonian. I want to take long exposure astrophotography. One minute exposures (for stacking) are more than enough. I have balanced the equipment, pointed to the north star, aligned with 2 stars and have 2 more for calibration. I did a long exposure to Procyon. As you can see, there are trails, so the alignment wasn't very good. I didn't move the telescope for a while, I did not push the
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