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  1. Thanks for the positve coments. My next 'dark sky' foray in August will hopefully take me to Dylife- 25 miles further South & West from the Midlands Conurbation! dylife - Google Maps If it's not dark here then there's no hope!
  2. A single 300 second exposure taken with a Fuji S5 Pro @ ISO 800 using a Nikon 180mm F2.8 ED lens. Red channel data. Haven't used this camera much for astrophotography yet, but for an unmodified camera the Fuji CCD looks quite promising. Anyone else used one?
  3. Taken from what I 'thought' would a dark sky site in Mid Wales- the intrusive sky glow from Oswestry 8 miles to the East can clearly be seen in this photo. Equipment- Camera Fuji S5 Pro, Lens Sigma 10-20mm zoom (at 10mm end f5.6), Exposure 5 mins @ ISO 800, Tracking home made camera mount.
  4. I'm going to stick my neck out and suggest that the (now discontinued) Fuji DSL'rs weren't that bad at astrophotography either. The Fuji chips were noted for their low noise at high ISO's but there seems to have been little astro work done with them from what I can find on the Net. I used a Fuji S5 Pro with Nikon 180mm F2.8 ED lens for this photo. Exposure was 300s at ISO 800 unguided And now check out my home made camera drive!!!
  5. Finding focus is hard- these little fellows don't keep still ! Had too shoot at ISO 800 to keep the shutter speed reasonably high. Focusing close is no problem- made an 'extender' using 2" waterpipe!
  6. .....turned the scope on some garden birds today. Anyone else tried non astro imaging?
  7. looks like something developing in the North West tonight.
  8. Some Pictures of tonights Noctilucient Cloud display (from Warwickshire)
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