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  1. Does seem a bit daft when there are umpteen thousand moded DSLR's out there. Still astronomy is listed as one of Fujis legitimate uses so I guess that covers me. Selling the camera without Fuji's written consent is an interesting one though. Good job they're cheap- I'm stuck with it for life seemingly!! I'd also like to know how you could make 'weapons of mass destruction' with one........
  2. Came across this bargain DSLR whilst browsing for cameras Fuji IS Pro Digital SLR | Buy Fuji IS Pro Online So basicly a brand new IR camera for the same cost of having one modified! The IS PRO is based on the Fuji S5 PRO and takes Nikon lenses, but clearly has the standard UV/IR filter over ther CCD already removed. Mine arrived today so I'm looking forward to trying it out soon. I have some custom made 650nm IR filters which let the H-alpha light through and reject most light pollution so I'll be using these first for some wide angle work. When I get the obsy finished I'll try some more ambitious telescopic work. Full specs here: FUJIFILM USA | FinePix IS Pro : Overview There is not much information on the web regarding astronomical use of these cameras as Fuji hasn't really released the IS PRO on the general public due to risk of possible mis-use. However, several UK outlets appear to be selling them now at knock down pricing. Not bad considering the original release price was $2500. I'm guessing that Fuji may be dumping stock in favour of a newer model (Fuji S6 PRO??)
  3. That may be true- but these are often long term Regional Development plans we are talking about. Fot the 10,000+ homes development I was was refering to, no actual building will start unil 2027. By then the ecomony will have changed for sure. Whether these houses will get built or not I have no idea. But our imediate problem is the Council are earmarking this land for development right now.
  4. 3,500 houses- that's nothing. In the fields behind our village plans are afoot to build 10,000+ homes!!!! Not only that the HS2 railway line is scheduled to thunder past at 400km/h less than mile away too!!!!!! Cubbington and Lillington people join forces against development - Leamington Spa Today - Back to Home Page There is a feeling that the village identity will be lost and that the filling of green belt will just mean we are absorbed into the next town. Still we're not going down without a fight. What I don't understand is who all these new houses are for? There certainly aren't 20,000 job vacancies in the area? It's beyond belief really- needless to say a large proportion of these new homes (25%) will be 'social housing' so we're really looking forward to that...... The only saving grace (for me at least) is we have our country 'bolt hole/retirement cottage' already in the bag.
  5. Mid Wales is a fair bet- there are lots of small static caravan sites dotted around here.
  6. Great lunar shot- thanks for sharing!
  7. I use Boneham & Turner at work for our dowel pins. They make custom dowel pins for us.
  8. 8x6 (or even 8x7) might be a bit small- I'd be saving longer and thinking bigger if possible. After much thought I'm going for the larger 10x10 option. With regards to fitting the roll-off roof part theres loads of info in the net and even books on the subject Found these books very usefull Setting-up a Small Observatory: From Concept to Construction Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series: Amazon.co.uk: P. Moore, David Arditti: Books Building a Roll-off Roof Observatory: A Complete Guide for Design and Construction Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series: Amazon.co.uk: John Hicks: Books
  9. I believe a few SGL'rs have used Coombe Abbey country park. Heading south of the city might be worthwhile. This wide field shot of the Milky Way in Cygnus was taken from a disused railway cutting near the village of Hunningham. Probably only about 5 miles south of Coventry. The shot taken in the early 1990's- I don't know what the light pollution is like nowadays?
  10. Looking good- can't wait to see the finished project.
  11. At that time of year heading south is the answer. If you want to fit in a bit of climbing then there are posibilities like the Sierra Nevada, Mount Tiede on Tenerriffe (Spains highest sumit) or even the High Atlas in Morrocco. Jbel Toubkal at 4167m (13,670 feet) is well worth the climb- although we did this in winter to avoid the summer screes. But you're guarenteed a few sparlking clear nights, totaly free of light pollution in the High Atlas mountains, plus much better views of southern sky objects as your'e only 31 deg North. Jbel Toubkal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia On the slopes of Jbel Toubkal
  12. That is the same as this stuff I believe: 1) Coroline Corrugated Bituminous Roofing Sheet http://www.arielplastics.com/product...LINE_LORES.pdfLooks light & strong + nice colours & handy 2m long sheets plus matching ridge materials available. I have seen it in Wickes and it looks the same. Ten years seems like a reasonable life test so far.
  13. Yes....but we want our scopes to rotate in the counter direction! Thus (hopefully) remaining fixed, relative to the stars. One thing I never got to grips though- is why it is harder to track objects near the celestial pole than the celestial equator?
  14. I'm pretty sure if it's raining I won't be in there! Plus the planed site is about 50 yards from my house (which has it's own flat roofs anyway!).
  15. I'm a bit wary of using using felt- I lost all the felt off the shed roof in a gale just before Christmas I've replaced the felt now but the water still gets in somehow. Notice also the felt we had to put on the sides of the shed because of the frequent horizontal rain we get here! We will have to consider the wall cladding materials on the prevailng wind direction sides carefully as well. For the observatory/summer house I'm looking for something a bit longer lasting than felt.
  16. Just seeking opinion on what other folk have used for rolling roof materials. I'm looking for something lightweight due to the planned size of the sliding roof (7m long). It must be tough and weather proof due to the location (we still have some snow on the ground here!!) . I'm not not too bothered about it getting hot in the sun- that would be a bonus up here! Colourwise a dark green or similar would be nice so it blends in better with the landscape. Some materials I'm considering 1) Coroline Corrugated Bituminous Roofing Sheet http://www.arielplastics.com/products/pdf/COROLINE_LORES.pdfLooks light & strong + nice colours & handy 2m long sheets plus matching ridge materials available. 2) Other possibilty is a metal sheet roof with a 'tile' effect http://www.cladco.co.uk/tile-profile-sheeting.htm Lots of colours and made from plastic coated galvanised steel. 3)Slightly cheaper is the box section profiles http://www.cladco.co.uk/34100.htm But the the observatory might end up looking more 'warehouse' than 'summer house'. 4) Another possibilty is composite insulated panels http://www.cladco.co.uk/roof-insulation.htm although these are very expensive £24/m2 vs £4/m2 for the Coroline. Might be nice for the warm room though? Maybe too heavy also ~10kg/m2
  17. Looks as though it should work. Keep us posted if it is okay. I haven't decided how I'm doing my rolling roof yet.
  18. I don't have a GOTO mount so I can't check this out- but you could try an experiment by setting the tripod/pier top way off level. Polar align the EQ mount, set up the GOTO software- this usually involves taking positions of a few known reference stars. Then see how well the mount tracks. I think the accuracy of the polar alignment will have far more effect than the initial level of the scope. As you say the mount/software will have more work to do when correcting the tracking in two axis.
  19. The only reason I can think of for needing leveling on the pier head is if you use an ALT/AZ GOTO type driven mount or a 'wedge' type SCT mount- in either case it might make set up easier/quicker. So on field tripodI can see why a quick leveling before you drop a ALT/AZ GOTO mount is required. But such mounts are no good for long exposure astrophotography due to to the aforementioned field rotation effect. However, if using a more or less permanent set up with German Equatorial type mount then once properly polar aligned the levelness (or otherwise) of the pier head has no effect on the pointing or drive of the scope. If anyone can explain why it should then I'll happily be corrected.
  20. My 8 inch metal pier is taking shape. It's a two man job to lift and that's before I weld the base on. Will be a few months before I can install though as I need to get a mini digger on site to help with leveling the site. I don't fancy shifting all that earth by hand. I'm intruiged though why people feel the need to have leveling adjusment facilites on permanent piers as there really is no requirment to have the top level. All you need to do is align the RA axis to the polar axis with the mount's adjustment. Having a perfectly level pier top has no effect.
  21. Thanks for the informative tutorial. Maybe my old EQ6 will get an overhaul soon?
  22. That's a useful map- put's me in 'black zone' but even here in Mid Wales you can see the 'light domes' of towns 25+ miles away.
  23. Cool- you can just see the roof of my house from the road: Google Maps And here's my suggestion for a nearby dark sky site- the car park of the Glaslyn Nature Reserve: Google Maps The car park is right by the lake in the photo- no passing traffic & no light pollution Google Maps Zoomed out !! 52.533563,-3.72502 - Google Maps
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