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  1. Great photo- must get hold of a H-alpha narrowband filter next year. Trouble is I want one big enough to cover standard camera lenses!!
  2. Ever heard of the Conservatives 'Big Society' plan- it's time for local community action I'd say. Now where's that link to the 300mw IR laser......
  3. Certainly makes my dark sky location look good (village at top dead centre) though from the description you would think you could not see any light pollution at all from here- but this isn't so. Black (green by texture transparency) : more than 3000 stars. No light pollution problems revealable on the sky quality
  4. Maybe the military jet was being chased by the UFO!! Another report here UK UFO Forum • View topic - White sphere of light with tail at low altitude http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/8190171/Spectacular-meteor-fireball-explosion-over-Britain-leaves-stargazers-buzzing-ahead-of-Geminid-space-shower.html seems to have been widely seen.
  5. The skies finaly cleared this weekend in Powys allowing me to try out some widefield, deepsky astrophotography for the first time in months. Once I get the EQ6 permanently sited and properly polar aligned I'll try for some longer exposures and maybe use some filters to reduce 'star bloat'. A shot of Barnard Loop in Orion from my garden. Composite of five 60 second photos, stacked in Registax and edited in Paintshop Pro. Lens was a Nikon ED80-200 zoom @ f2.8 . Camera Fuji IS Pro @ ISO 800 mounted on an EQ6 drive. Rosette Nebula Composite of 5 60 second photos, stacked in Registax and edited in Paintshop Pro. Lens was a Nikon ED180 @ f2.8 . Camera Fuji IS Pro @ ISO 800 mounted on an EQ6 drive 'Bubble' nebula in Orion (don't know the proper name). Composite of five 60 second photos, stacked in Registax and edited in Paintshop Pro. Lens was a Nikon ED80-200 zoom @ f2.8 . Camera Fuji IS Pro @ ISO 800 mounted on an EQ6 drive Great nebula in Orion. Composite of 10 30 second photos, stacked in Registax and edited in Paintshop Pro. Lens was a Nikon ED400 @ f5.6. Camera Fuji IS Pro @ ISO 800 mounted on an EQ6 drive
  6. The skies finaly cleared this weekend in Powys allowing me to try out some astrophotography for the first time in months. A wide field shot of Orion from my garden. Composite of six 90 second photos, stacked in Registax and edited in Paintshop Pro. Lens was a Sigma 15mm fisheye @ f2.8 (maybe will use f4 next time?). Camera Fuji IS Pro @ ISO 800 mounted on an EQ6 drive. Despite being a 'dark sky' site there's light pollution on the horizon- not really helped by being on a snowfield.
  7. Impressive set-up there, a 1m lens. Wow!!
  8. Don't buy it from e-bay! Same book is £9.99 in The Works bookshops- treated myself to one for cloudy night reading. The images are indeed excelent.
  9. My parents independantly saw the same UFO as reported in County Times last month - UFOs sighted over road to Llanidloes My parents actually rang me up to say they had seen some "strange lightning flashes outside the window" at the same time as the motorist in the was up heading their way. Strange stuff- two corroborating wittnesses to wierd lights? As for myself I've spent many, many hours outside at night, either stargazing or nightfishing and not seen anything that could not be explained. Iridium flares have taken me by surprise- but I know what they are now!
  10. Good to see the scope arrived safely- the Equinox 120 is awsome scope for the money. I brought one two years ago and have been very pleased with it so far. I would advise not cleaning the objective lens unless absolutely necessary. Many a good optic has been ruined by ill-advised attempts at cleaning.
  11. 300mW of 808nm is only dangerous if you look straight down the diode- something I'd hope you would be sensible enough not to do? We make multi Kilo Watt lasers at work -enough to melt a hole straight through a street light!
  12. Go for an 808nm or 1064nm laser- that way no-one will see where the beam is coming from 808nm 300mW High Power Burning Infrared Laser Diode Lab on eBay (end time 02-Dec-10 10:51:59 GMT) quite cheap for 300mW of 808nm.
  13. Olly's right- the photo is only made possible by the amazing air quality at that site, high altitude and unpolluted, dry desert air are what makes all the difference. Dark skies are all very well, but the air quality really makes a huge difference.
  14. I used to know I gentleman with a house on the banks of the Towy (near Bethlehem) he used to let me fish for sea trout ocasionally. Fly fishing on the darkest moonless nights was the recognised technique though I had more success worming in spate conditions (a particularly wet July I recall!!). Yes the nights were really dark and the scenery fantastic.
  15. Staylittle has only about 5 thinly spread street lamps- not really enough to worry about. Dylife has no lights at all. The Wynford Vaughan Thomas memorial might be a bit close to the road for obseravation and only has a good North horizon. Would be a great place for Aurora pics though? I try and observe in Wales about twice a month- very much weather dependant though........
  16. Signed- imho this is worse than Gordon Brown selling off th nations gold deposit at market low.......
  17. I aggree - even in the Cambrian mountains you can see the glow on the horizon from towns like Newtown and Aberyswyth to the East & West. The only saving grace is there are no towns (or even any villages) on the North/South line from Llanbrynmair all the way to Llandovery). Google Maps This means you have a 60 mile long 'dark stripe' down the middle of Wales, which if you position yourself at the North end of gives a dark Southerly horizon but with glow from towns East & West. As you say any amount of moisture or cloud shows up the light pollution. The glow of Newtown- 25 miles due east of my observing site....
  18. The nearest site to Aberdovey is probably the Glaslyn nature reserve, on the Machynlleth-Llanidloes mountain road. It's a pretty wild spot- but at night no-one will bother you there. It's also pretty high up ~2000 feet so might get you above the weather but means it's fairly cold at this time of year. I was up there in January and the snow was 10 feet deep in places. It's also wide open and treeless so the horizon is low. Google Maps I can also vouch for the sky darkness as this photo was taken about a mile away from Glaslyn
  19. Anywhere in the Cambrian mountains, away from the few towns should be dark enough. My suggested sites are: 1) Clearwen Dam- very dark, isolated and on a dead end road. The car park is on the North side of the dam offering a fairly good southern horizon. Claerwen Dam :: Stay in Wales 2) Hafren Forest- again a dark isolated spot. The main car park is 6 miles west of Llanidloes Forestry Commission - Hafren Forest - 3) Glaslyn Lake Nature Reserve- a truly wild spot. The track to the public car park is a bit pot holed- only attempt in day light.... Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust - Glaslyn 4) Llyn Brianne Reservoir- there are a few picnic areas around this reservoir worth a look. Forestry Commission - Tywi Forest (Wales - Powys)
  20. I bought a time lapse thingy for my camera. This video has inspired me to go out and try it!
  21. As above- the change of airmass is responsible for the clearer air behind a rain front.
  22. The only public site near you I can think of is Burton Dasset Country Park. I have been out there to photograph the odd comet as it a reasonably 'dark' site for the area. The only problem with these places is that they attract 'd o g g i n g' types if you know I mean! The only advice I can give is to find a really quiet, out of site area to set up, away from the main car parks. Failing that, if you own a 4x4 then the green lanes in the area provide a quiet night time retreat which I have sometimes used for observing.
  23. There is some camera control software available (Fuji Finepix HS-V3 Hyper Utility)- but I not sure if it's any use for astronomy as it's probably for tethered studio use. I have it for my S5 Pro - but only for the RAW conversion utility. A much better bet in the field is to use one those programable intervalometer gadgets so you can programme in no. of shots, exposure length, interval & delay time. Much more portable solution I'd say and equally useful in the obsy. Cheaply available on e-bay: JYC Timer Shutter Release For FUJI S3 S5 Pro/UVIR on eBay (end time 24-Oct-10 08:02:32 BST) I have one similar to the above and it will do all the control I need. I might check out the Hyper Utility Software again once the obsy is built.
  24. Due to it being a bit cloudy outside - 'first light' is a picture of the inside of our woodburning stove. ISO 800, f5.6, 1/500th sec, through a deep red Wratten 92 equivalent filter to eliminate most visible light. The different colours of the two flames indicate different burning temperatures. Clearly the hotest part of the fire is the blue/white area. The white area is so hot (or bright in the IR) it has overexposed or saturated the sensor.
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