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  1. laser_jock99

    2019 CPRE Star Count

    Submitted my counts now- 18 in Warks, 26 in Powys. My eyes are getting older now- straining to see those fainter stars on the edge of visibilty!
  2. Thought the aurora pics were from Birmingham.......I was about to rush outside!

    1. GyCx


      You never Know 😉

  3. laser_jock99

    Pier height recommendations

    looks like a solid build- hopefully no 'leveling bolts' in this design?
  4. Sounds like more of a 'man cave'! How big is available space?
  5. laser_jock99

    The old chestnut (M42)

    Good start- as others have pointed out, the very brightness of M42 makes it it a difficult subject!
  6. laser_jock99

    DLSR Rosette Nebula

    Liking that!
  7. laser_jock99

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    Great image.
  8. laser_jock99

    teleskop service ? corrected

    Can only say I had no issues with buying scopes & equipment from them - usually things that are not availble from this forums sponsors I might add!
  9. laser_jock99

    South Pole Aurora Video

    Yes must be a technical challenge. I also suspect dew/frost is not the main problem as the air must be very dry.
  10. laser_jock99

    South Pole Aurora Video

    Just seen this on Spaceweather.com - best aurora video I've seen. Watch in 4K if you can!
  11. laser_jock99

    Show us your Observatory in the Snow

    Thanks. The skies are fairly dark (Bortle 2-3) but still some LP on the N.Eastern horizon from Birmingham 75 miles away...... Southern horizon is good though.
  12. laser_jock99

    Why was my wife a little upset??

    Keep doing this sort of thing and you'll soon have permission to build that observatory......
  13. laser_jock99

    Show us your Observatory in the Snow

    Some legacy shots as I'm not there this week.
  14. laser_jock99

    Show us your Observatory in the Snow

    There was a proposal to put lights on the Welsh wind turbines- there is a lot of MOD activity in this area, but to my knowledge this has never been enacted. Curiously the MOD were interested in infrared lights as opposed to visible (red) lights as these were more visible to the pilot's night time vision equipment (and also my full spectrum cameras.....). The last thing I wanted was a load of IR light pollution!!
  15. laser_jock99

    Looking for some where in Wales

    Mid Wales is dark and has a Dark Sky Park in the Elan Valley area. Brecon & Pemebroke are a bit near the large conurbations in South Wales The Milky Way as seen from my observatory in Mid Wales- there is about 60 miles of Green Desert between here and those large towns in South Wales Some possible accomadation links nearby https://www.cwmbiga.co.uk/directions https://www.bronyllys.co.uk/ This site lists plenty of cottages https://www.wales-cottages.info/search-results/brecon-beacons-and-mid-wales?adult=2&child=0&infant=0&nights=7&range=3&pets=0

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