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  1. New scope incoming?  Exciting!! 🇯🇵??

    1. parallaxerr


      Hi Mike,

      Yes new scope coming. I'll be honest the last one didn't do much for me and represented too much of an investment. It was very good but felt a bit sterile. A bit of time off and of course I realised no scope is even worse! Trips to the garage to work on my sports car over the winter were hard because Orion was often sat right there in all its glory, begging for even a small scope to observe.

      Your prediction is very close. A Vixen, but Chinese made in the form of an A80MF. Always liked long achros but have had to consider the mounting options and really want to have something that I don't mind not using when life gets in the way. I think Lunar and doubles will be this scope's forte, can't wait!

    2. mikeDnight


      Sounds good to me! I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the 80mm Vixen. I had a 102mm F13 Vixen achromat in the mid 80's and it was excellent. Even DSO's were quite spectacular in that scope, despite its long focal length. I can't remember any false colour, but to be honest, I never looked for it. It's magic lay in its F ratio. It looked spectacular too!


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