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  1. totalamateur

    EQ mount setup help needed

    Thanks for the clear info. My brain has actually taken it in .
  2. totalamateur

    EQ mount setup help needed

    Thanks Guys, It seems that opinions do vary on the leveling aspect. I will try it both ways and see how i get on.
  3. totalamateur

    EQ mount setup help needed

    Cheers again Olly, but i'm confused as usual, but i'll work it out in the end. Looks like a bit of trial and error will be involved in this opperation.
  4. totalamateur

    EQ mount setup help needed

    Thanks, Easy, and makes sense.
  5. totalamateur

    EQ mount setup help needed

    Thanks Olly, I have jUst checked A/Bs reviews on the finder scopes, so I have the Baader sky-surfer V as a potential purchase.
  6. totalamateur

    EQ mount setup help needed

    Thanks Olly, I have printed off the instructions, but if i have any trouble with getting it right in spain, i am meeting up with a member called Lawrie who lives in a town about 10 kilometres from where i will be. I can ask him.
  7. totalamateur

    EQ mount setup help needed

    I am thinking of buying one of those little Meade circular compass spirit levelers. Will that do?
  8. totalamateur

    EQ mount setup help needed

    No need for appologies as you've actually done me a big favour. I will need the upgrade for my EQ5. Thanks Guys
  9. totalamateur

    EQ mount setup help needed

    So Guys, Does this mean that i don't need a compass to get the mount facing north? I was just about to buy one.
  10. Latitude 36.8000 Longitude -4.7000 Lat (DMS) 36° 47' 60N Long (DMS) 4° 42' 0W Altitude (feet) 344 Altitude (meters)104 Hi Guys, I managed to get the location of where i will be viewing, But don't know how to set up the equatorial mount. Apparently, I have to set it to a certain degree, but have no idea what that degree is. I do know that i have to face the mount north. Any help would be appreciated very much. Thanks in advance. Ray
  11. totalamateur

    equipement list

    Hi Russ, Believe it or not, I haven't really had the chance to check the eyepieces out yet. When I purchased the set-up, I had it all shipped out to spain where I will be based for a few months of the year. I did manage to test it terrestrially in london before it wen't, and the scope was excellent. I am going out there in a couple of weeks or so and will have the chance to test it all out. I'll let you know how i get on.
  12. totalamateur

    equipement list

    Thanks Tony
  13. OK, No Problem, I really must start to get used to this banter, as I often take it as someone having a snipe. Remember, i'm a newby.
  14. I did state that proxima centuri was the closest star outside our solar system.
  15. I have to disagree about meade being the only company that uses the Japanese FDC1 Crown Glass in the airspaced ED triplet. I Purchased my scope from Karl Kloss email:astro@sterneundplaneten.de which is exactly the same scope. I have recieved excelent after sales service from him, and in fact he contacted me several months later and sent me a 2" 0111 filter with no charge. Hows that for service?

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