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  1. Anyone coming from/past Coventry way up for a car share with room for a bivvy and a leetle bitty tiny weeny C8? In fact I could put said C8 on my lap and tripod between my legs if needed so really just one spare seat with a bit of leg room ;-)
  2. I'm a new returner and decided to get an equatorial mounted vintage telescope to start me off for two reasons - I got a lot more bang for my buck but also and to me importantly, I've started with learning the ropes and finding things manually... but I have every intention of getting a goto mount in a while. I expect I'll use both... I'm loving being able to flit to something and then spend that half hour getting it right but I'm looking forward to letting the Goto take the strain and I'm certain that I'm getting a way better set up; mount and telescope this way than I could possibly have got i
  3. I'm using Starchart on Android as well at the moment but used to use Stellarium on iOS previously. I'm getting on pretty well with Starchart, but I do get frustrated by some of the helpful extras sometimes - I have to say I was very happy with the clean-ness of Stellarium - it always just seemed to do what you needed it to do. Will be interested to see if others have a view?
  4. If your budget can stretch a leeetle - something with a bit more light gathering capacity and without the tracking - used with stacking software may give you images more like what you are hoping for from stacked low exposures. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Orion-SkyQuest-Classic-Dobsonian-Telescope/dp/B001DDW9V6/ref=sr_1_1?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1424912775&sr=1-1&keywords=telescope The photography thread in the forum will give you more advice I'm sure. Good luck and good night - I've an early start too!
  5. Hi, I'd echo what Charic says about buying from Amazon or any other big generalist store. If you have to buy from amazon because of the voucher - I'd say for your budget only consider used telescopes you won't get anything that does what you imagine for your budget new, but you may get something really worth your while second hand. I just bought a C8 second hand for well under £500 and new or nearly new it would have cost me well over £1000 but it will just about be good enough to do photography when I'm ready. Having just purchased, I'd recommend you start your research here: http://www.sc
  6. If I can boringly drag the convo back ;-/ is your first post filled and if not - is someone that is available immediately, fits your bill really well but is only available for approx 8 months of interest?
  7. Hello Siege, Welcome to a kindred spirit - I have also just opened my birthday present early and am now a Vintage Orange C8 groupie... although I haven't named it yet as I'm not yet sure, but I'm tending to think she's a she. For me this is the second telescope I have owned but my first was lost in the mists of my youth, so to answer your question I am counting my first view through my C8 last weekend... Jupiter as I've never seen it before! Magnificent even though it was through high haze and lots of Light Pollution in an urban garden. Nothing like as impressive as fancy pictures - but jus
  8. No I'm afraid! But hello from a near neighbour in Coventry!
  9. Thank you sgazer for starting such an interesting thread! and EssexMigrant for compiling the big list! I have just acquired an old orange C8 811935 so only 3 before one of your original list sgazer! I have an urge to play "where are they now" any idea where you found your starter numbers?! I'm a returner after 30ish telescopeless years and so far definitely not regretting choosing an old C8 over a smaller modern telescope! It took me a while to get over my tears having trusted someone else to package it and use a courier - the finder had sheared off in transit so with a jolt like that, I k
  10. Hello, I've just arrived at SGL and already been made welcome and supported - how fantastic. Looking forward to spending time in the forum and at meets. Hello all! Sirenity
  11. I still remember my first view and it was a verrrrrrryyyyy long time ago! There really is nothing like seeing it live is there?
  12. Thank you both very much. I shall lurk for a while now - watch listen and learn. I'll be joining a local observing group - but hope I'll be able to get to some of the forum meet-up's and maybe get a chance to thank you all, Peter in particular, in person. Way to turn 50 in style ;-)
  13. Eeek I just bought the C8! Thank you so much for your advice - gave me the courage to follow my instincts! The real learning starts now
  14. Does the synchronous motors mean it will track do you know? I'm presuming with an 8" aperture there will be a pretty small field and it will be a real bonus?
  15. Hi, I'm a newbie, returning to observing after a break of 35 telescope free years! Any advice offered will be very gratefully received. I've a budget of £500 (a very generous gift!) and I'm looking at a couple of options - or advice on others! I'm considering buying an old C8 (early 80's) on forks that's just been properly serviced and which should leave me some budget for playing with add-ons or a 6" Meade achromatic refractor on a decent mount with a goto (which I don't particularly want) which is advertised at the top of my budget. I was originally thinking of getting an equatorial mount wi
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