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  1. Hi Everybody. This is a really really interesting thread, so thanks for all the images and conversation, and as a result I want to play too. Now regarding kit, I have an 14" OO dob, but as it stands no suitable camera. However, there will be budget for one by Xmas so research is already under way. Normally my inclination would be to go to Canon since (a) I've always used Canon cameras and (b) I gather they have better support/features for astro. However, in another thread on the 'cameras' part of this site it has been pointed out that the sensors used in Nikon cameras have a better noise performance. Now I appreciate that the Nikon vs Canon debate is well documented on this site, but I'm wondering if in the alt/az scenario, where exposures are shorter then than for eq, does the low noise performance become assume a greater importance? Secondly, regarding the scope, i'm assuming a 14" aperture is good, but a FL of 1600mm may be a little long. Is that too long in practice? SR.
  2. Thanks for that. There is a very striking difference. Not that I can afford either of those cameras - I was mulling over the relative virtues of the Canon 700D/100D/1300D. More research required........ SR
  3. Interesting comment. Do any of the manufacturers actually specify their noise performance in rigorous scientific terms? I've taken a brief look on-line, and apart from saying noise-free at XYZ ISO, or boasting about their low noise performance, there doesn't seem to be much solid data. SR
  4. Thanks everybody. So if I understand you correctly, IS is no problem for astro since it can be turned off, could be beneficial in some cases and anyway is useful for non-astro. I was aware FD lenses don't work properly on an EOS, and I had also been considering the EOS-M range since I gather they can be used successfully with an appropriate adaptor. However,on balance I think non-astro requirements still favour the 1300d. SR
  5. Hi All, I'm looking at getting a new DSLR for both normal and astro use. The Canon 1300d looks like a good start, and I used to use canon kit in the past. (In fact I have 2 T70s with several FD lenses gathering dust in the attic). I note it usually comes with the choice of a 'normal', or an image stabilized lens. Are there any pros/cons with image stabilization from the astro perspective? SR
  6. Dragging up an old thread I know, but you may not be aware that Jupiter is also visible!!. From todays Telegraph we have: "Little is known about the huge gas giant which is so big it can be seen from Earth without a telescope...." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/04/juno-mission-everything-you-need-to-know-about-nasas-daring-miss/ SR.
  7. Oh I agree - common sycamore is a horrible tree - though there are some varieties of maple that are somewhat similar without the vices. BUT it is rather wonderful wood for my other hobby of wood-turning (you have to do something on cloudy nights). So if anybody near me (Ipswich area) is doing any 'weeding', and would like to do a deal on freshly cut sycamore, PM me! SR.
  8. I've just sent Brian May an e-mail via his website: http://brianmay.com/brian/brianssb/brianssb.html I think he's currently on tour, but you never know...... SR.
  9. Oops - Having read my comment again I realise it could be taken as a dig at FLO. Not my intention, I like them a lot. I was really referring to retailers in general. Apologies if I came over wrong. SR
  10. I agree. I really can't understand it either - unless it's a condition of their web site host that they don't use the site to promote 'political' causes. There are two ways of making more money in business: get a bigger share of the pie, or make the pie bigger. They all appear to be following the former method, whereas they could actively encourage amateur astronomy by conspicuously supporting measures to making it more attractive and thus making the 'pie' bigger. But hell, I'm an engineer - what do I know about retail? Though I do know I am more likely to support a business that I feel supports me! SR.
  11. I've just had a reply from the RSPB. "Thank you for alerting us to this petition, we cannot put our name to or promote every single petition that occurs in the UK but I will pass this on to various teams to look into". So that might help a little..... SR
  12. Well done! That looks like some progress. SR
  13. There's a specific section on light pollution at the Cloudy nights forum. I particularly liked this thread: http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/463764-we-are-going-about-this-all-wrong/ SR
  14. I can understand the rules being drafted to prevent repeated petitions on the same subject every 6 months, though I can't see anything on it on the 'how petitions work' page, but presumably the issue can be re-introduced after a certain time? I note the number is now 2032, so at this rate it might get to 10000 in time. SR
  15. Yes - I can understand that. However, over the years I've come to the conclusion that short e-mails can be very poor vehicles for conveying attitudes. She's probably just trying to quickly clear her e-mail stack before the weekend. SR.
  16. Don't give up - why not contact Mr. Bob Mizon and see what he says? He might be just the chap to make things happen and in a position to rattle a few cages. (Not that I know anything about the internal functioning of the BAA!) SR.
  17. FWIW I've just e-mailed Springwatch (springwatch@bbc.co.uk) and the RSPB. I suspect flooding them with e-mails might not be a good idea, but a few more e-mails may be a good thing. SR
  18. 1423 at the moment, and looks like a lot more publicity is going to be required to get to the 10k mark. Somehow we need to get more organisations behind it: E.G. Nature and wildlife groups, RNIB, Rural groups , BBC Springwatch (new series is coming up - Chris Packham might be a good ally!) etc. SR
  19. Very nice. :-) Just to clarify a couple of finer design points, presumably the pipework is ducting for cables, and central block is designed to be a solid mount base with the Celotex sheet to reduce vibrations? SR
  20. Looks good - thanks for the heads-up. SR
  21. I very much enjoyed this account of Heston Blumenthal's attempt to improve space food: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/mar/05/heston-blumenthal-chef-cooks-astronaut-tim-peake Especially the account of John Young's illicit corned beef sandwich in Gemini 3. Somehow it makes the whole space exploration activity seem more 'human'. And of course if goes withut saying that I'd happily eat freeze-dried food for the rest of my life in exchange for a trip to the ISS! SR
  22. The boy and I saw it in IMAX 3D at the weekend. Very very enjoyable. I particularly loved the wide panaroma photography. Much of it was rather unlikely - for example the mars rover he used was way over-engineered and would surely have broken down given the heavy use he made of it, and the vehicle they travelled to Mars in was ovely big - but don't let that spoil it. Highly recommended. I'd like to see it again. SR
  23. A few years ago I saw a very spectacular one in the late afternoon whilst driving west on the A14. Very distracting when you need to focus on the road. There's some interesting stereo pictures of a sundog on Dr. Brian May's on-line blog going back a few years. Take a look at: http://www.brianmay.com/brian/brianssb/brianssboct10a.html SR
  24. Oh please don't say I've been had! On a day like today when it's nice outside, and I'm stuck inside struggling with Sharepoint, Excel and other Windows based ordure, I need all the nice dreams I can get.
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