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  1. Thanks for the feedback people. After including a couple of lights I'd discarded earlier and bit more hacking in GIMP, here's version 2. SR.
  2. So after much hacking and generally using a successive approximation approach with DSS and GIMP I am (not quite) proud to offer my first attempt at Ms81 and 82. My second attempt when the weather clears is bound to be better, but in the meantime: Obviously there's some vignetting and I'd like to have got more detail in the spiral arms, but of course all criticism welcome. Details: WO FLT 110 with field flattener, Canon 750 (unmoded), HEQ5 guided with PHD2. 5 x 300s lights, 6 darks, no flats.
  3. Outstanding in my view. The great thing about these images is they appear to have some depth: the nebulae are clearly in the foreground blocking the light from the starfield i the background. Best, SR.
  4. Here we go again! "In collaboration with Nevada Museum of Art, artist Trevor Paglen will launch the first satellite to exist purely as an artistic gesture". https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nevadaart/trevor-paglen-orbital-reflector Personally I can think of some other gestures I'd like to make. Self obsessed idiots. SR
  5. Thanks for the suggestions everybody. I like the bins idea. I already have some Pentax 10x50s, which are rather excellent, but something a little larger such as 15x70 or even 20x80 would be a fine addition. The villa in Portugal is, of course, an even better idea! I do also have slightly larger plans to have a go at imaging, so as a present to myself I'll soon be on the lookout for a good deal for an appropriate rig. (Feel free to PM me with any sensible deal proposals!). Buy as kerry says, the best present is likely to be time. Best, SR
  6. Hi All, I'm retiring in a week or two - or perhaps more realistically, semi-retiring. It appears my rather excellent soon-to-be ex-colleagues are having a collection on my behalf and want to buy me something. Which is very nice indeed, but they'd like some suggestions as to what. So, with a potential budget in the region of £100 -£150, does anybody have any suggestions? SR
  7. It looks like it's been launched. https://www.rbth.com/science_and_tech/2017/07/14/russia-launches-first-satellite-built-with-the-help-of-crowdfunding_803402 Let's hope it fails to live up to the hype. SR.
  8. I found myself coming over all Pink Floyd - Set the controls for the heart of the sun... But seriously, great mission, and some great science to come! SR.
  9. Hi all, Just to close this one out, I got hold of some 60mm M6 stainless steel machine screws to replace the 50mm ones in the mirror cell an that seems to have provided a crucial few mm. Thanks to xtreemchaos for that idea. So that's that speed bump overcome. Now onto the next one.... SR.
  10. Ok.Ill see what i can do. In fact I'll re-examine the whole setup later this evening in the light of some comments here. I do need to use a 50mm extension tube for visual use with the mirror in its current position. SR.
  11. You mean the ones on the mirror cell? I'm already on the top one, so nowhere left to go at the moment. SR.
  12. Yes that would probably do it. Nice one! SR.
  13. Hi All, I have an OO VX14 dob and a Canon 750d DSLR. Obviously not the best rig for AP, but it's always fun trying and a good challenge. . I guess lots of short exposures and a highish iso is the way to go. Anyway, main issue is focusing. If I have the collimation screws as far unscrewed as I dare to get the mirror well up the tube I can just about achieve focus, but it's a but marginal. As I see it there are two possibilities to improve this: find a low profile T mount, or drill some new holes in the tube a few mm up to get the mirror higher. I'm sure this sort of problem has been solved many times before, so anybody wish to share experiences or ideas? Oh, and happy Easter to you all! SR.
  14. Very nice indeed - galaxies particularly good! Can you give a little more technical details please? SR.
  15. I'm not an imager, so i cant offer any practical advice, but thanks for the pics - very very impressive! SR.
  16. So what, specifically, does the Canon s/w do that Nikon s/w doesn't? I start with the assumption that the quality of the initial capture is top top priority because, to put it bluntly, you can't polish a turd. SR.
  17. Yes..., but it looks a good choice based on (a) dynamic range (according to some reports anyway) and (b) lack of anti alias filter. Of course, I'd LOVE it if you came up with a convincing reason for the canon. For what it's worth, I've always had a leaning towards Canon kit - I have a couple of old T70 bodies and a few FD lenses in the attic(offers considered!). However, a change could be a good thing..... SR.
  18. Thanks All, it'll probably be the d5600 then. Saved some money ? SR
  19. Hi All, I'm in the process of deciding on which DSLR to buy and wondering if, from an astro perspective with dew etc, whether going to the extra expense of getting a weather sealed body such as the Nikon D7200 or Canon 80d is worthwhile? Otherwise the choice is probably either the D5600 or 750d. Of course, other suggestions also considered.... SR.
  20. So did I! Even had the neighbours round, who were mightily impressed. This led to a quick tour of some open clusters and a few other odds and ends. SR.
  21. I recall enjoying Cosmos - both on TV and as a well thumbed book. Can't believe it's twenty years though! l also liked the Gary Larson's Far Side take: SR.
  22. Well Stellarium is an open source project, so in presumably you should be able to download and inspect the software. There's also links for developers on the Stellarium pages. But I can't help thinking there's easier ways to learn coding! Interesting project though, so good luck! SR.
  23. Yes, Suffolk. If you see a yellow/grey laser dinghy give me a wave and pop into the Deben Yacht clubhouse for a beer! Skies here are pretty good looking north, but the sky glow from ipswich and Felixstowe's washes out a lot in the south. SR.
  24. Thanks Jimbo, interesting points to think about. Re the asi224mc, it has a small 6mm sensor, so probably a too small angle of view for deeper sky stuff where I think the most interesting work will be. Are there any larger sensor cameras around in a similar price bracket? I can't see any, but I've not tried very hard yet. We
  25. Sadly, no. I'm assuming I'll have to do manual tracking, and s/w alignment. SR
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