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  1. Hi Astrith, woops..... It does now look like something was superimposed, there are some other extra stars, in the Upper left quarter of the image, the double star near the center....
  2. Hi Astrith, I think others here know more about this than I do, so should wait for them to chime in ( these things usually have some non exciting explanation ) But, possible things it could be a Satellite, Minor Planet, Asteroid... These would usually move over the few minutes you took the image. Or Artifacts in your camera or reflection in your optical system It doesn't appear to be moving, seems to be in same place in all the images.... including the stacked image It doesn't look like an reflection, (not sure) It doesn't look like it a a camera defect, ( notice in the 11x30sec image how the stacker aligned the image on the stars, so the hot pixels form trails, any camara defects would trail out like the hot pixels ) It doesn't look like some kind of a double image, where a bright star from a previous image gets mixed into the stack, I dont see other mysterious bright starlike objects dupicated in the image I looked at others images from April 24 , still not there http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/144516-astro-video-image-gallery/page-152?hl=%2Bm82#entry7179913 I guess just have to wait for others to chime in and see what they think Howie
  3. Hi Astrith, I don't see this on my m82 image either, ... maybe you found something ? This one is from February.... Howie
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