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  1. I have visited the USA several times and spent some time at the Green Witch house in the Arizona Star Village, it is equipped with a Celestron Goto and a 12" Dob. Combining some stargazing in a dark sky area with visiting the canyons and sights of Arizona makes a great holiday for both me and my other half who has no interest in Astronomy.
  2. Not tried this one but have been Stargazing in the Arizona desert. Clear skies and no light pollution, superb views of the milky way and way more DSO's than I can see at home. As long as you are away from Las Vegas it should be a good tour - just pray there are not too many people queueing for a look. Enjoy.
  3. I just put a small box or part of an eyepiece bottlle over the finder eyepiece and rigel finder when I am not using them, I find that it is just enough to keep the dew off.
  4. Jupiter is a bit wobbly here in Wiltshire but I have managed to see the grs in the more stable moments over the last hour, dew is a bit of a problem here too. The barge stands out well. I am just thankful for a couple of hours of clear skies for once!
  5. Watching Jupiter rising one May morning as daylight slowly arrived and dawn chorus chirpped out around me. Getting up early for my first look at the Orion nebula of the season. Looking up at the Milky Way in the Arizona desert and then catching a lone Coyote wandering by out of the corner of my eye.
  6. When I needed some for my OU course I bought it from Boots pharmacy dept.
  7. Had a great time observing Jupiter last night, the seeing was exceptional for my neck of the woods. The storm eddys were awesome, at first I thought I was seeing double but your photos show I was seeing it for real. I just hope I get another night like that one!
  8. I do both, like you I find the hunt for an object as satisfying as observing it. With my dob I hunt things down. However for those times when I have to get up for work and do not have the time to starhop, or I am not sure I am looking at the dso I am seeking, or when I am out with my nephews who do not have a lot of patience then the Meade goto comes out. Both methods of finding objects have their merits.
  9. Bins and a sunlounger work well if you need to keep the weight off your ankle.
  10. Glad you had a good session, I got my scope out at 04.00 this morning and began to enjoy Jupiter. 30 mins later a ruddy great cloud moved in. I sat back waiting for it to blow over as it was moving quite quickly, then it happened. RAIN!!! Oh well, at least I saw the great red spot - I think. I find with this hobby you have to take what you can get when you can, even a short session like this morning makes me happy for the rest of the day. Hope you (and I ) have a good session tonight. Happy viewing.
  11. My neighbours have a kitchen light which floods my back garden. Unfortunately they do not believe in saving energy and it is switched on as soon as twilight appears and remains on until they go to bed (usually about 23.00, later at weekends) whether they are in the kitchen or not. I have politely asked if they could switch it off when not in the kitchen if they see me in the garden but so far they have ignored my request. So much for middle class neighbours, they raised the fence 2 feet so they could 'grow things', not to shut me out you understand - perhaps the fence stops them from seeing I am out observing? Even an offer to let them come over and have a look through my telescope was declined. At least it is not quite as bright as your neighbours light.
  12. Got lucky here, clear on Sunday night and no work on Monday (bank holiday). Had a nice three hour session with the scope and managed to find the veil nebulae - first time ever from my light polluted garden. The cloud has been back ever since Sunday but the three hour 'fix' was well worth it.
  13. Never thought of naming them until now - Starfinder for the Etx and Echo for the dobbie on account of it being used to look for DSO,s which are really echos from the past, looking as they were several million light years ago. I often wonder what they look like now.
  14. I use two finders, a rigel quikfinder which is a bit like a red dot finder but stands 3" proud of the tube, and an Orion right angle finder. I use the quikfinder to locate a bright star near the object I want to look at, then I switch to the finder scope to star hop to the object. The Orion right angle finder does cost a bit more than the telerad but it certainly cured my neck problems when using a dob. It was well worth the money.
  15. He likes it because it means he can spend hours gaming on his computer. In fact his favourite phrase is ' will you be looking at the stars tonight?' with a hopeful look on his face. It also means I can't complain if he buys a new computer/game/gadget.
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