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  1. Hi Rugeley area myself, good luck with the scope repair and welcome to SGL. Ken82 pm on its way
  2. goose35


    From the album: DSO Imaging

    2.5 hrs of 10 min subs10 x dark, flat and bias
  3. goose35

    Pelican Nebula

    From the album: DSO Imaging

    18 5 min subs with 5 each D, F and B Canon EOS1100D FS Modded with MPCC and Badder Neodynum Filter on SW130P-DS Guided by a ZWO120MM on SW ST-80 mounted on SW AZ-EQ6 EQMOD and PHD2 Guided, Captured in BYEOS Stacked in DSS processed in PS CS5
  4. Hi Matt Good start you also can see in M31 image both M110 and M32. Focusing isn't too bad but I think you have Cromatic Aberations rather than trails which is down to the lens/scope What lens did you uses and what aperture? I invested in a Pentax super takuma SMC 135mm with an adaptor to fit it to to my Canon 1100D which I use at F5.6 or even F8 to reduce CA I have an EQ 3-2 motor driven and have got up to 4 minutes with no trail so you do have to persevere and get the polar scope cantered and correctly aligned. Though I generally go 2 minuites to remove risk of trail and leave it running on a timer. Take a look here for what can be don with the EQ 3-2
  5. id be happy with that. Checked out the FOV on my setup to do this image the other day as it happens but in my location it will be next year now
  6. Quick and dirty Pleiades stackig. Its been a while

  7. A little idea for fov rings for use with a star map when star hopping. I used the dec scale for 10 dgrees and worked out all the fov's for various ep's, binos and finder Narrowed it down to a few choice ones and made a word doc with all the fov corcles ect as shown bellow then printed on projector sheets
  8. I had these guiding issues with my exos mount. The graph was all over the place, espesialy in DEC. i stripped the dec and regreased this improved matters but still not a good graph overall. I started to think "this mount is un guidable" It wasnt till i discovered PHD 2 and its drift align feature. This was when i discovered how far out my polar scope was even though it was aligned as per many "how to's" in the mount. after running with PHD 2 i have since had my 2 best images ever "pacman and the bubble in my gallery*. Round stars (apart from the bubble as i tried my old astromaster) and a good graph. I left it for an hours worth of 2 min subs and was still guiding within +- 1.5" on the graph As for grease i used ptfe bicycle grease from halfords. As mentioned above its very silky and water resistant.
  9. oh no. My meade hand box has died. Trying to revive it but looks like an upgrade is imminent 

  10. Running 30x2 min subs on Sadir region. Full spec modded 1100D 135mm on the EQ 3-2. Got to love this time of year.

    Will run some UCH filter too.

  11. I do tend to leave the dec disengaged and do RA only tracking as the link via the gears int the best. So double motors dont have much if any advantage.
  12. I have a wide field rig based on the eq3-2. Getting 2 min + subs off it. It tracks well I have the standard motor from FLO with the enhanced control box with st4 port though not tried guiding with it
  13. goose35


    From the album: DSO Imaging

    12 x 5 Min subs 12 Each darks flats and bias Astromaster 130EQ with canon 1100D modded ST80 and asi120mm guiding a bresser exos 2 mount
  14. Hi Second experiment with PHD2. Got to say drift align has made a huge difference to my guide graph. I use to have to sit at pc and reset guiding every few subs but now for the second time with drift i never had to touch it through 12 x 5 min subs. Anyway 12 x 5 min subs and 12 each cal frames EOS 1100D with baader mpcc3 plus neodynum on astromaster 130 eq guided with ST80 AND ASI120MM on bresser Exos 2 mount
  15. After the pacman sucess im guiding on the bubble and M52 tonight and all on plan :)

  16. Hi First up there is nothing wrong with your first image and you are not far away I have the exos 2 mount and had these very issues you have, it is one of or a combination of the following Collimation,coma and or guiding Im still struggling a little with collimation but improving I got a suitable coma corrector I had great dificulty guiding the exos untill my last image where i used phd 2 and did a drift align before my image run and found the polar scope to be quite off the mark. Once the drift was done i found the guiding to be so much smoother and accurate giving round stars all round the image. So as said in an earlier post get both your dslr and guide cam hooked to the laptop and persever and keep picking up snippets of info and it will get better.
  17. I use windows remote access vista desktop inside, xplaptopoutside, and other than having to connect twice after failing the first time i have no issues I cover with a folding crate covered with a travel rug.
  18. After much experimenting and learning over the last 12 month i have managed to bring it all together from set up and drift align, getting PHD 2 to keep the mount on track and stay on the graph to the processing. Only issue was as allways heavy LP in the mids, graradientXterminator used to remove. 32 x 2min subs with 16 darks and 20 each bias and flats. Imager: Full spectrum modded EOS 1100D with Badder Neodynum and coma corrector on SW150P Guider: ZWO ASI120MM on ST-80 Mounted on a Bresser EXOS 2 Stacked in DSS Processed in PS5 Evrything just worked for me from start to finish for the first time. i think the drift alignment was the key as it would appear my polarscope isnt very reliable. Well Pleased
  19. From the album: DSO Imaging

    32 x 2min subs with 16 darks and 20 each bias and flats. Imager: Full spectrum modded EOS 1100D with Badder Neodynum on SW150P Guider: ZWO ASI120MM on ST-80 Stacked in DSS Processed in PS5 GradientXterminator used to remove heavy skyglow in midlands Evrything just worked for me from start to finish for the first time. Well Pleased
  20. Little experiment with the newly full spec modded 1100d with uhc filter on a 135 pentax super takumar. Unguided on the eq3 on the veil.

    First clear night in ages and with a FREE fullish moon

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