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  1. Just wondering how the GoTo kits actually work, for example if you wanted it to track the moon, do you have to imput its co-ordinates? I know the basic working of them is to obviously move the mount and track objects but just wondered if anyone could shed some light on the workings and how you get them to track Thanks
  2. I keep mine set up in the living room, however when I am working nights I pack it away in the Orion carry bag I have for it, so as I dont have people looking in whilst I am asleep. Admin could you delete my previous post please, for some reason it posted whilst typing
  3. Thanks for the replies folks, all sorted now. Managed to view Jupiter, all be it was only able to get a small viewing. I was viewing it through a wide angle eye piece through a 2x barlow. Im guessing I would need a new barlow like a 3x or something, is that correct?
  4. Yea I was really chuffed actually, I've had to edit them a bit in Adobe Lightroom but other wise really happy. The video I took was pretty cool as well but the file size is too big to post on here
  5. I have a Skywatcher 150P and the other night I was going to try and view Jupiter, frustratingly I could get it in my view finder, but for the life of me I couldn't find it in the telescope view. In the end I gave up and looked at the moon for a bit, but what am I doing wrong. Also I was looking at getting one of these GoTo kits to attach to my mount, is this a good idea and are they easy enough to use? Thanks in advance
  6. So for the first time since getting my telescope the other month I have attached my SLR onto the telescope and taken a few photos and a video of the moon. Hope you all like....
  7. aust202


    Hello new to the forum and quite new to the hobby. I have a Skywatcher Explorer 150P and a pair of Celestron 25x75 binoculars. I am in Solihull in the UK so if anyone is near me and knows of a good place to set up a telescope where I am not going to get disturbed by idiots please share the knowledge Thanks
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