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  1. i have stellarium on my windows tablet and want to set up the values of my scope in settings, now ive done the focal length but do i put a 6 in the diameter as in inches or is it in mill? i tried 150 but i have no idea if its in mill or inches :/
  2. I know this is a question about a tablet but it is relevant to astronomy. I was looking at a qindows 8.1 tablet to use outside instead of my laptop, I've seen one on eBay going cheap and it says it has Intel atom. So my question is can I run desktop programs (sharpcap) and the like on it? Or is the Intel atom the windows rt version that can only load apps? Thanks in advance.
  3. I will give that a go depending on if it's clear or not later, I was surprised at the end result. But it's fun no matter what the picture turns out like so I'm happy.
  4. Thanks for the info. Will look into it on DSS, I couldn't see them on the raw files. It makes sense with not guiding that they are turned into lines. I put mosaic stacking on this time and doing think they were there when I used the recommended setting. Will give it another go and see if they are still there. Thanks again
  5. thanks for all the info on more detail, I put all the images through DSS again and then messed with the end result in light room, I then noticed both photos have green, blue and red streaks in. can anyone tell me what causes this? they are grey when DSS has finished but they get colour when messing around in light room. to add the photo is terrible and just wanted you to see the strange coloured streaks for yourself. thanks
  6. Very nice images, I went for a go of M31 last night, I am using my 150p eq 3-2 and motors on my pier, I took 32 30 sec exposures at 1600 and could only get the core showing up, would to say longer exposure would be better to bring out the out parts of the galaxy? Great shots though!
  7. I wasn't using a lense, I went the afocal way. That's a very nice photo. I could see the outer parts on the finished stacked photos but it was very very dim. I only have the 18 55mm kit lens and a 2.2 telephoto converter at the moment. I will try and bring the exposure up next time it's clear! I know I won't get amazing results but to see a bit more detail would be nice.
  8. The center was very bright, I will see how long I can push the set up to. One day I plan to upgrade when I learn how to save money aha I'm using a Canon 1000d I know it's not the best kit but it's definitely sparked my interest in astrophotography.
  9. Last night I got set up to take some exposures of M31 I took 32 30 second shots with 40 darks and 50 bias (probably went over board) anyway when I put them in deep sky stacker there wasn't much detail coming out, I could see it was there but no tweaking would bring it out :/ there is a bit more light pollution now the big tree is chucking leafs down. I am using my 150p on my eq 3-2 mount head and pier with ra and Dec motor drives, has anyone got any advice on how to get more detail with the setup I've got? Thanks Jason.
  10. I will second getting a copy of 'turn left at orion' I put it off getting it but I'm so glad I did and wish I had got my copy sooner.
  11. I did think it once but somehow it's found its way in somewhere else, I maybe just stick a couple more tarps over the roof again and see how it goes, it's a very old shed and don't want to have to get a new one but was thinking of getting a little metal one just for the scope and bits but that's still just an idea
  12. So I store my telescope in the shed so no calling times, with all this bad rain and the small leak in the shed the bottom half of my telescope gets wet. The water never gets inside the tube but still I don't want anything getting rusty when not in use. My scope is mirror up on the floor away from the leak area, does anyone know if making a tarp case would help or even hang it from the ceiling would stop it? Maybe I just need a new dehumidifier. Thanks in advance!
  13. blumming kids aha I saw Jupiter very well in that scope (haven't tried in the new one) it was fairly small and with my Barlow it killed the detail so hopefully your Barlow is of better quality as that may kill the detail if not. That's all I can offer.
  14. It's probably already been said but when I was using the old skywatcher 130 I sa
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