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  1. It's good to read a report of somebody with the same scope as me who has managed to use it under a good sky. It's been a while since I have, often a nice dark sky can lack the transparency. I remember a cracking view of the flame nebula with a UHC filter under good conditions. I don't even try it from my back garden.

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  2. Ive been out with the scope all night at -9, with a hair dryer to keep it clear . My camera was fine at -20 photographing the Northern Lights. There are wildlife photographers who have been out in -50 to get the shot. Dont expect the batteries last long.

  3. 19 minutes ago, John said:

    Nice purchases Gerry :thumbright:

    I have the 17.4 and 14mm Delos and like them a lot :smiley:

    I'm looking forward to comparing the 17.3 Delos with the ES 92 17mm which I've recently acquired.


    Sorry to go off topic  a bit.  From reading other posts I get the impression that the ES 92 17mm might be a bit much for my SW 250px focuser to handle well. My heaviest ep at the moment is only a radian 8mm. What are your thoughts John? 

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  4. 11 minutes ago, Thalestris24 said:

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I was thinking a fisheye would do it, but don't know if you can change the lens in a standard LED projector. Can I ask which one you have? Are you pleased with it?



    I think it is BenQ. Sorry I would go and check for you but it's packed away in the garage and I am typing from bed. Certainly not an expensive one and I project in a 6 meter dome.


    You dont get the pin point stars that you would with a mechanical projector though.

  5. It is on the wane. I have always been observational,  other than a dabble with planets when I had an EQ mount and a few with the phone 

    I can"t say I wouldn't be tempted , if I had spare cash, to try narrow band from my light polluted sky.  As Carole said there is only so many times you can look.at the same things. I tend to track asteroids, comets, variables and try splitting doubles. I will probably always want a bigger scope with visual, and then will never tire of revisiting the lollipops. Having said that, the moon is still  captivating.

    To me you can"t beat being in a cold dark field and finally tracking down a faint DSO. To look through a 30" + scope from a really dark site would be on my bucket list. Even if I did  imaging I would want to be outside under the stars. I wouldn"t knock anybody for how they enjoy the hobby, but for me remote imaging wouldn't give me the same buzz. I can appreciate the satisfaction you must get from producing the amazing images you see though.

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