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  1. Hi guys. It is been a while since i have used it and the last time that i did i fiddle with it and mess up the secondary mirror original position. I've already tryed to collimate the secondary mirror but it seems that i can't get it right because i still get all the little bright dots all out of focus. What's the best way to do it? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, First of all Merry Christmas to you all [emoji3] I am considering buying BYN but i still dont know what kind of laptop to buy. I'm looking at netbooks, because of its size and portability as a am probably be using more when i am out using only me dslr, moreover my main use would be connected to dslr only, and not to the scope. I have read on their site that the minimum ram is 2Gb (and 4Gb recommended, is there a difference using the program using 2Gb and 4Gb or more?) but they do not speak of the processor type. For all of you that use this program what kind of laptop do you have, and is it ok to use it only with the dslr? Thank you
  3. Is that a dark nebulae on the center of the image? Nice photo by the way, lots of things to see [emoji4] Nikon D5100 AM 130EQ
  4. That is one brutal image. [emoji3] thank you for sharing
  5. So the AZ GOTO is good but the equatorial GOTO is better. But if i'll be able to do AP even with the AZ goto, i'm happy. Now to start gathering money [emoji3]
  6. I've noticed that one is equatorial and the other is AZ, Although my purpose is observing objects i also want to do AP. Will AZ be good enough?
  7. Found this as well http://www.firstlightoptics.com/az-goto/skywatcher-az-goto-mount.html Either one or the other will be compatible with the AM 130eq
  8. So it will be one of these http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-eq3-pro-synscan-goto.html That's only the mount and goto system correct?
  9. Darnit. So what are my choices compatible for my scope? Thank you for the reply
  10. Hi all I have a AM 130EQ with a CG-3 mount and i was wondering if it is possible to upgrade with a goto system or does it have to be the mount altogether, if it is even possible. The telescope is farelly recent and it was a gift from my parents on my last birthday, so the possibillity of a intirely new scope is off the table for the time being. Can you gurus shine a light on the subject? Thanks
  11. That made me laugh [emoji3] that must be a pub lost in the wild Lisbon at night is not good, at all, for observations. But is good for restaurants and bars [emoji3] although there is a local astronomy observatory where they make speeches and observations every last saturday of each month. And it is quite close to the city center. My observation was made on a place south of lisbon, on the other side or the Tejo river.
  12. That is so true. All the city folks should go to a dark place and gaze the night sky. No lights, no sound, no stress, anything. Just enjoy
  13. You are welcome [emoji4] Everyone should experience the sight of the milky-way at night. I am still blowned away
  14. 'Tis the summer season. Time for hot days, hot babes and cold beer. As my mother-in-law as a small place at a camping park, every year on summer we come here for a few days or weeks. Today as i exited from a local restaurant just outside the park, i looked to the sky, as i usually do, to see the stars (my moment of zen) I was in for a treat. The restaurant is located at a relativly darkish site wasn't for the lights from the park, the place would be really dark, as it is close to the sea/beach (no lumination at night). As soon i looked to the sky my eyes were filled with billions of white dots, little ones and big ones, and i tought to my self "oh my god, so many stars, it is simply incredible" As i ran my eyes up and down back and forward, like a crazy cat after a red dot, i suddently looked at my right and saw what it looked like a big stretch cloud, "ohh look, my friend, the cloud!" But after a few seconds and after gazing upon the sky, "it can't be", a smile started to appear, "it is, it as all the configuration of it!" I felt like a kid on christmas day after a breakfast of choclate and redbull, "ohh yes! It is the milky-way! Holly otters!" I assure you it was not from the two beers i had for diner. I felt like my face was a giant smile. After all this monts of reading people saying that they saw the milky-way or that they saw ot whe they where kids, or just seeing on photos, i get the chance of seeing with my own eyes. At this moment i just missed teo things, my dslr to capture the moment (will do it in a week or so) and that my boy would be old enough to share this with him (will have to wait some years). I was so excited that i felt i had to share the experience [emoji3] Thanks for reading.
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