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  1. Great stuff! Thanks a lot. Now to decide between a set of eyepieces or a Dob. More importantly I've got to persuade the Mrs
  2. Not so sure about a Dob. Aren't they harder to track objects with? Although the size/price certainly does make it attractive.
  3. Thanks for the advice, something to think over.
  4. Can go to about £200 or so. I had my eye on this Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 130 had some good reviews.
  5. Wondering if anyone can help. I've had a 114mm Celestron Astromaster for just over a year and I'm thinking about upgrading. My question is, if I went up to a 130 mm would there be a much noticable difference in viewing or would I have to go even bigger? The only trouble is my budget's a bit tight (no more than £200) so my options are a bit limited. Any opinions welcome. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all the advice, I think I'll have a play around with the Sky at night simulator and see what I can come up with.
  7. Just recently I took my first look at Saturn and Mars. To be honest I was a bit dissapointed. Now I'm fully aware that you are not going to get Hubble like images from a back garden in Hertfordshire, but I was expecting slightly more. I've got a 114mm Celestron, with just a couple of standard lenses that came with the scope. Obviously these lenses can be improved upon,but to me Mars was no more exciting than a red star, and I could see Saturn was a slightly different shape but no real detail. What, apart from getting a new telescope (which Isn't an option at the moment) can I do to boost the images? Thanks in advance.
  8. Nice to see that it's not just me then! Thanks to all of you for your comments. I've been meaning to get that off my chest for ages.
  9. The other night found me standing in my back garden, Ipod on, looking at an object 25000 light years away,The great globular cluster in Hercules. Through my reasonably small telescope (114mm) it looks like a smudge, a round blob, a fingerprint. You cannot pick out individual stars, in fact if you were just scanning the sky, with no prior knowledge of it's existence, you could easily think it was a puff of cloud and skip past. So how come when I was looking at it, I felt a lump in my throat and almost a tear in my eye? I've found this quite a common occurence with me. A quick view of Jupiter or the craters of the moon, and off I go. Looking through the eyepiece of a telescope is a very singular experience. It gives you a sense of being alone with whatever is in your field of view. Everyone else is watching TV, while you are staring at things that ancient eyes once viewed,live and in real time. No matter how bad your day has been,take a quick scan of the Universe and for a while all problems seem to disappear. I think it's the sense of permanence. The phrase 'This too will pass' springs to mind, your problem is put into perspective, at least temporarily. It's just a tiny blip in something so vast you can't really comprehend it no matter how much you read on the subject. As a mood enhancer it should be on the NHS. Is it just me?
  10. Thanks everyone for your advice. Plenty to think about.
  11. Well it's happened. The kids are desperate to see something interesting, while Dad is still struggling to find anything that will hold their interest, and stop them running back to the Nintendo. I've got a Celestron 114 astromaster eq and was wondering if anyone can recommend me a cheap (but reasonably good) goto mount that I can fit the scope to. I'm quite happy with the scope itself, and as it was a quite recent present it would be quite rude to get rid of it. So any ideas? And once again thanks.
  12. Thanks for that. It's great to finally see things that I'd previously only seen in Books and TV. Glad someone has explained the Barlow to me in straight foward English:) I think I'll give the Moon filter a go. Thanks again.
  13. Doh! If I'd only scrolled down the board a bit before I posted my message, I would have noticed that this has more or less been answered. Sorry for wasting everyones time. ( Slinks away....closes door behind him)
  14. Saw Jupiter last night for the very first time. Absolutely amazing.Before owning a telescope, dummy that I am, I cannot ever remember consciously noticing this great big shining light in the sky before, so to see it and three moons was something else.But what size eyepiece do I need to bring out a bit more detail? I looked at it through the 10mm eyepiece that came with the telescope, and I know as a rule of thumb these are not up to much, but it was still pretty clear. If I looked hard enough I could just make out very (very) feint bands on the surface.But to be honest at first glance it was just a very bright disc. Would getting a Barlow help? My scope is a Celestron 114, which I believe is rated F9. Once again I ask for help from the collective knowledge of the stargazers lounge. Perhaps one day I'll be able to give advice to someone else!
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