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  1. Here wiki to the rescue I meant to quote it in the text above - http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_core Note when I wrote energy density I should have written 'fusion power production' - see article. Can we edit posts here?
  2. Rather than think of it as hydrogen gas try and think of it as hydrogen nuclei, or simply put protons. The sun is a big ball of plasma comprised of protons and the number of proton-proton fusion reactions to helium occurring in the suns core is estimated to be 3.6×10^38 per second. Now the mass of one single proton is ~1.67x10^-24 grams and doing the multiplication of these two numbers gives the 600 million tonnes per second you quote. What I find astonishing is that 'on average' it takes a billion years for a single proton-proton fusion reaction to initiate within the suns core, yes that is r
  3. You'll love it - paragliding is my other hobby from astronomy - you can see I'm slightly obsessed from my blog http://colinhawke.blogspot.co.uk although I haven't updated it in a while. Binoculars are the best idea as you can use during the day too
  4. Who said the speed of light is a constant in a vacuum? Well as a physicist myself - that's what I always thought too. However some clever folks have demonstrated that 'structured' photons travel slower in a vacuum .. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/01/150123144158.htm
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