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  1. Great pics. I love to see the quality of some of the Jupiter pics on this forum. I'm a novice (got my first scope for xmas) with a Skywatcher 150p and I'm currently using my mobile to take pictures. I can only dream of capturing images like this. Keep them coming!
  2. Thanks Dave. That's great! Browny you have the same scope as me. I have 10x 25x and 6x plus a 2x Barlow. The 6x gives a very good image of Jupiter. Worth an investment!
  3. If you look carefully enough you can just about see lines around Jupiter.....JUST
  4. I don't get "more reply options" on my mobile. I'll try from my laptop tomorrow. I got a t2 ring today to attach an SLR camera but forgot to get the t2 adapter. Oops! Noobs luck!
  5. Hi wookie how did you attach your photo? I'll attach mine. Hi sirenity, I have to admit it was pretty special. I used a 10mm with 2x Barlow. It was so easy to find too
  6. Hi all. Very exciting evening for me. Had my Skywatcher 150p since Christmas and have had limited opportunity to use the scope. Tonight is clear and I managed, despite living next to a quarry with floodlights, to find Jupiter and it's moons. Got a bit excited and tried to take some pics using my mobile camera. They're not as exciting as the view with the naked eye. I was using the stock 10mm and 2x Barlow. I have a 6mm on the way in the next few days so may get some even better views perhaps. Wish I could figure out how to upload the pics!
  7. Thank you all for taking the time to give some great advice. Perhaps I am too keen to go for the lower mm lenses. I'll take your advice and look at 6mm and 8mm lenses. I hadn't thought to look for a club night. There are some not far from me so I'll definitely look those up. I'm sure I can learn a lot first hand from more experienced locals. Appreciate your advice.
  8. Hi everyone. After much nagging, my girlfriend bought me a telescope for Christmas. It's the first one I have owned so stargazing is relatively new to me. It came with a 2x Barlow, 25mm lens and 10 mm lens. I have been able to get some great views of the moon and when I can I want to try to get some good views of the planets. I have a couple of questions. Firstly, can anyone recommend some lenses suitable for planetary viewing. Secondly, does anyone have a 2.5mm lens and if so which one would you recommend for moon viewing? Finally, to attach a Canon 1200 dslr camera to the scope, what at
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