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    Building my own computers and tinkering about with them, photography, walks in the countryside, cycling on a nice day. and now gazing at the stars to add to the list.
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    North Herts
  1. Many thanks for the feedback. I will do some more experimenting re the overexposure and hopefully in time get it right. The ED80 is a really nice peice of kit and it really is leading me to the dark side
  2. Inbetween the clouds tonight I managed to take my 1st ever photo of the moon using my new set up. I tweaked the lighting in faststone image viewer ( a freebie software App). Picture taken using a Canon 1200D and a SW ED80 Apo at iso 200. I'm as new to this as can be so still learning and experimenting. Any feedback appreciated
  3. Nice picture, have yet to get to grips with my dslr outfit as it's still on it's way and no doubt I will find it frustrating but looking at the images on here be it ccd or dslr drives me on.
  4. Great pictures, was only looking at M81 & M82 the other night as fuzzies through my scope. Was looking at getting the 1200D as it's at a good price and looking at your shots has spurred me on.
  5. Edit: Should read: Has anyone found anything more suitable without it costing the Universe (Pun intended)
  6. HI All Been looking all over the web for a Tripod bag that does not cost an arm and a leg to fit a AZ4 Mount. The nearest I have found that fits the dimensions is a lighting / speaker stand bag. As anyone found anything more suitable without it costing the Universe (Pun intended) Many thanks
  7. Ian J

    Hello from Scotland

    Hi Lars Welcome to SGL, Lots of info and advice from a friendly bunch.
  8. Hi and welcome, gets pretty cold in Ottawa this time of year so I hear. Visited Ottawa in the late 80s lovely place and friendly people
  9. Welcome Steve, it's a good forum to belong to
  10. Hi Brad and welcome to SGL, friendly and knowledgeable bunch here
  11. Been out tonight myself looking at Jupiter through a 6mm wo and a 15mm vixen, on my 200p Dob, I agree with the sentiment that sometimes less is more as the 15mm ep gave me a better overall view where the 6mm takes more time to relax your eye as other's have said. Having said that, I have very recently collimated the Dob and I could clearly see some good banding and more once I relaxed my eye / focus a bit.
  12. Ian J

    Evening all

    Welcome to SGL, very friendly bunch here
  13. I have two pairs of glasses one for reading or any close up work and interestingly one for just watching tv, the 2nd pair are purely just to take the strain off my eyes as I can end with a headache without them. I don't need either when using EPs so you should be fine.
  14. All looks good with focuser, have been outside observing moon with a 6mm ep and a 15mm ep and ok, real test will come later if the clouds stay away. Hoping to give my light pollution filter a try out.
  15. Being new, this has been a very steep learning curve. I started out with an eflea bought laser collimator which done more harm than good, then a cap which I found easy enough to use then a combination of cap and Cheshire after reading Astro Baby's guide. The one thing that really stumped me was although relgiously going through the steps was that when I came to the Cheshire I could line up the doughnut perfectly by adjusting the primary mirror screws but the cross hairs of the Cheshire were well and truely out. After some time scratching my semi bald head which made it even balder and searching through the forum posts and online without too much success I decided to start from complete scratch. What I did was to loosen off the three allen screws on the secondary holder all the way and tighten the central screw until the holder was seated closest to the vanes. Very gradually and with a lot of patience I realigned the seconary by easing off the central screw little by little whilst at the same time adjusting the allan screws until the seconary was showing a nice round circle using a card to block off the primary mirror view, Using the cap some minor tweaking to make sure all three clips in view and recheck secondary still nice and circular. Cheshire Collimaor inserted and immediately the cross hairs were more central, after a bit of tweaking with the primary mirror screws all shows spot on. I have yet to do a star test due to poor skies but I'm hoping this has solved the question of why the crosshairs so often do not line up on the dougnut when using the Cheshire. My guess being that the secondary mirror although aligned is just a few too many mm down the tube for the cheshire cross hairs to align up. Being newb to all this I really don't know if getting the cheshire cross hairs lined up as I did makes a vast amount of differance when all else is showing true but it just annoyed me not to have it just right. I would be interested to know what your thougts are.
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