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  1. Found one, and ordered. Ships tommorow. 33 us dollars. Nice deal
  2. Money is not the biggest problem for me. It's just that, ebay and amazon dont have them for fair price. Some of them 99£ plus. There is one for 40£, but he's not sending from UK..and I'm in DK Got 2 websites here, but the bundle is out of stock. Any other websites? Thanks
  3. Hello. I'm new here, so I really need help. I've searched everywhere for spc880/900 models, but no luck. Not at all. Don't want xbox livecam, because most people said that they are not that good. Are there any other models with good quality and long exposure. Thanks a lot
  4. So the main thing is to have a webcam with higher resolution.. and of course ok quality in darker places
  5. Is xbox livecam the best one out there for it, or can I use something else.. thanks
  6. Can I use another webcam, or is xboxlive cam a must?
  7. Thanks all for your answers. I've already tried my dslr and moonshots. Really nice pictures, but still want some more light, so I can shoot the sky in the night. Still, thanks for your answers.
  8. Hi. Have a question :-) I have an amateur telescope bresser venus 76/700. Is it good for astrophotography, or should I buy something new? Want to take pictures of nebulae and stars, but with this one..I cant even focus with my Nikon d80 with t2 ring...when looking at the moon.
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