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  1. dslrastro

    SGLX - Pitch Allocations Update - 01-02-15

    has there been an updated pitch allocation PDF posted please? If so, please could someone forward me the link Thanks
  2. Hi all, seems a bit of an odd one this. I have the Skywatcher 150 PDS, but for some reason I am unable to focus it via EP or DSLR with t ring. I have however used an extension tube which I push in through the focuser so it is almost touching the secondary mirror then everything is perfect. I have now sold the ED80 which I purchased the extension tube and flatener with, so I now have now no way to focus the 150 DPS. Any idea's please. Or can anyone explain to me what I need to purchase for the 150 PDS as I am going to SGLX and want to take this scope with me. Many thanks indeed in advance Steve
  3. dslrastro

    SGLX Tickets on Sale Now!

    Brilliant!!! Many thanks Mark, very helpful as always
  4. dslrastro

    Hi from Herefordshire

    So it seems Ian J. really learning a lot here.
  5. dslrastro

    SGLX Tickets on Sale Now!

    Is there an updated Plan of who is where please? I have tried to look for it, but cannot seem to find an up to date file with my name on it so I know where I am going to be pitched. Many thanks all Steve
  6. dslrastro

    PST Imaging software

    Many thank all
  7. dslrastro

    Embarrassing Solar Question

    Just as you said Michael, the following day, tried again and was AMAZED!!! Not used the doublet much as until I get to mind my way around the PST, I have not used it uch as it seems to blur the image a little, but i think that this is probably somethign I am not doing correctly.
  8. dslrastro

    Hi from Herefordshire

    Many thanks all for such a warm welcome. Seems I have been missing out on so much info for quite some time. Hope to meet some of you at SGLX and to chat in the forum as time goes on. Many thanks again steve
  9. dslrastro

    Hi from Herefordshire

    Many thanks Swag72, I will take a look at that. Thanks for the tip Steve
  10. dslrastro

    SGLX - Pitch Allocations

    Hi, How up to date is the Pitch Plan as I cannot see my name on the plan? Steve
  11. Hi all, I have been trying with the free trial version of FITS LIBERATOR, but I am not able to then use NEBULOSITY to get what I want to achieve as the portrait lines in the free trial of FITS LIBERATOR appear like dark vertical dotted lines when I put them in to Photoshop CS5. I was wondering if there is a method f separating the RGB in Photoshop to then process individually in the channels? Any help would be much appreciated. Steve
  12. dslrastro

    SGLX Tickets on Sale Now!

    Many thanks, Tickets booked and cannot wait
  13. dslrastro

    Hi from Herefordshire

    Hi all, this is not my first post to the forum but from the replies I have received today from members, I think it certainly is a great forum to be a part of. My name is Steve and I live in a very rural area of Herefordshire with some amazing skies. I was a professional photographer for many years, weddings, portraits and selling landscape prints of the local area until I suffered a spinal injury, which soon put pay to that. After a few months of being in a wheelchair and trying to get used to a ridiculous amount of medication, I soon found that photography was something that soon bored me from the garden which was about as far as I could manage. I purchased an 8" Dob and enjoyed it for the few weeks until I realised that although observing was great, I really wanted to see the galaxies, nebula and star clusters just like I had seen in the Astro Publications and Flickr and so on. I purchased a EQ5 Pro with a 8" Newt Reflector and my imaging obsession begun. Since then I have purchased many other scopes, camers and CCD's and so on. I am still not the best at imaging and processing, but I am gradually getting better. I have started to get interested in DSLR astrophotography which is another form of astrophotography when I suppose I should really learn a little more about processing anyway, but that is just how it goes. Spent too much money, time, effort and patience, but still I am obsessed with the hobby and feel I need to learn as much as possible as quick as possible, which I think is probably my downfall if the truth be told. Looking forward to making some new friends, learning from other members and hopefully meeting some of you at the next SGLX. Thanks to those that have already assisted me with a few issues I have had since joining the forum, I hope that maybe one day I will be in a position to help someone. Thanks again Steve
  14. dslrastro

    Embarrassing Solar Question

    It seems that the PST has issue's. Back off to be fixed. Used it for around 3 hours
  15. dslrastro

    Embarrassing Solar Question

    Many thanks again. After reading the manual, it sees that I was in fact using the PST correctly, but I also read on the Meade Chat forum http://www.meade4m.com/index.php?/topic/2057-what-shoud-i-see/ That the PST is not quite what it is all it is supposed to be. I have read many reviews today and all pretty much say the same sort of thing. You can view a red disc. That seems about it. I noticed on the manual that I downloaded for the PST that there was an image by a friend of mine, Gary Palmer, I think I should maybe get in touch with him and ask some advice there, as I certainly saw nothing like the image displayed. Thanks again

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