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  1. Well I have tried both jupiter and the moon and it is a skywatcher 114p
  2. Hi all, Just for a bit of fun I converted an old webcam and have tried imaging with it. It wasnt a great webcam so I want expecting great images but the magnification is too great so I was wondering if this isa common experience of webcam imaging through telescopes or am I missing something? Thanks for any opinion/reply
  3. Has anyone made this work for astroimaging/photography? I dont think lugging a PC around sounds very practical.
  4. Diary of a beginner, part 4: The finderscope. The first small telescope I picked up had a non lit magnifying type with cross hairs. It was extremely difficult to align, in fact I never managed it. At that point I pretty much wrote off finderscopes and relied on starhopping, which was also difficult. The second was a celestron red dot that had a strange 2 layer circle system that projecting the dot from the side of the viewer. I could never work out the circles and the dot worked together especially in the dark where you couldn't see the circles anyway. Aligning it with the scope was awkward too. Eventually I picked up a new skywatcher newtonian and it had a simple red dot system with no circles or anything, just a single transparent viewer with a red dot located a few inches down the scope that projected a light onto the viewer. It was so simple to align to the scope and works so well with finding I couldn't believe it. I did a simple alignment using a distant chimney and that night I was pinpointing stars in seconds. A well aligned finderscope/starfinder has transformed my experience of sky watching, and I am viewing in seconds of pointing in the right direction!
  5. Complete beginner question. I was viewing Arcturus last night through my telescope and it looked like it was pulsing but I wasnt sure whether that was other influences of say atmosphere or other light interference. I tried to look online but there seems to be a variety of discussions some talking of pulses taking solar days and some talking about regular 1 secong pulsing, but no simple answer to mysimple question. So simple question, does arcturus pulse so that it can be seen by a casual viewing session. Thanks
  6. Hi Luke, I am looking at about £250 max. Thanks for your interest.
  7. Hi all, I have been interested in getting a Newtonian to improve my experience but obviously the larger the scope you get the increase in weight because of counterweights etc. This doesn't help where in the first instance I have a back problem, and second, at what point does it become impractical to bag it up and take it out on the moors for a few hours. So I am really hoping to get some advice and draw on peoples experiences on telescopes balancing the issues of weight, portability and experience. Thanks
  8. I am a newbie so take this view in that context. I bought this scope because it was cheap and thought "i'd have a go". The scope really is good for the price (around £45) but the tripod is indeed more wobbly than jelly. That being said, it is usable for general viewing and you need patience with the tripod. In terms of use, I have had some great views of the moon and Jupiter and with some coaxing and patience even managed to see some faint banding on Jupiters surface. This is from my backyard in a highly polluted area, so will try to out of the city to see how it performs. Don't really expect it to go beyond 100x magnification though.
  9. Hi everyone, I am totally new to stargazing and recently bought a cheap Celestron travel scope to get me started. Managed to get out a once or twice and got some results like those shown in this thread. I have to say though, this thread is spot on and really useful for making sense of what to expect. I didn't expect hubble pics and was amazed just to see the moons of Jupiter! Nebulae are my next challenge as most of the planets are below the horizon at the time I can get out at the moment, so it's great to see what to expect from those. Really helpful to beginners like me, thank you for taking the time to put the info together. Adhyskonydh
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