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  1. Unfortunately, in the US they are not even going to start demoing the AZ EQ5-GT until April at NEAF, a big 2 day astronomy event. Not even taking pre-orders or anything prior to that. Even once they do come out, there is only one store that caries telescopes in my city of 5.4 million people, and the more expensive mounts seem to be custom order only. This could be one of the ones they carry though, I'll have to wait an see I guess. At the moment, I am considering pulling the trigger on a AZ EQ6-GT... as it seems it will be quite some time before I get a chance at the AZ GQ5-GT. On the other hand... I've done the math and I could fit the AZ EQ5 into my carry on suitcase...
  2. The reduced weight, and compact tripod were attractive to me. Since they would make traveling with it easier. Also, it claims to pull 2A instead of the 3A of the AZ EQ6-GT. Simon's report has me a bit worried though with that slippage, on a pretty minimal setup like mine...
  3. Interesting, thanks for the giving your experience. I'm surprised to hear of the slippage, with only 8Kg on the mount. That should be well within limits based on the specs I have seen. I'd be in roughly the same boat, with my 80ED. It sounds like the 6" pier extension they are selling would still not get the mount up to a decent height for me. I'm 6'3, though I tend to sit in a chair while viewing, so maybe the height would be fine. I guess it is bad that I do not even count the short power lead as a negative, as I am just happy it would have one at all. The Orion models of these mounts I usually have to source here in the States do not even come with power leads. They are addons.
  4. Well after searching around the internet for information about the AZ EQ5-GT, I stumbled upon a thread from another forum. According to the SkyWatcher rep, the Skywatcher AZ EQ5-GT will be available for purchase directly from SkyWatcher USA in April and they will be premiering it at NEAF! So great news for those of us in the US looking at getting this mount.
  5. Looks like they have replaced the serial port with a USB port. Anyone have any thoughts on connecting the AZ EQ5-GT to a laptop for guiding? Is it possible I'll actually be able use a standard USB cable?
  6. I've been looking at the Skywatcher AZ EQ5-GT, and I think it looks great to me. Close to the same capacity as the Orion Atlas Pro/SW AZ EQ6-GT, but substantially lighter. I cannot find any indications of a time frame of Orion releasing their version of this mount, and so I think I'd like to pick up the Skywatcher version. Does anyone have any suggestions on procuring one from the USA? Thanks!
  7. Many of the stores I see online that carry this mount seem to be out of stock. Does anyone know if mount getting ready to be replaced by another model? Also, do you think it is worth trying to order the Skywatcher AZ EQ6-GT instead? Any tangible benefits other than it being white? I do like the look of the white one better... Thanks!
  8. Thank you all so much for the responses. I have tried out Backyard EOS and I believe it is going to be really helpful. My images of Jupiter seemed to come out a bit darker using the Planetary option in BYEOS, than the ones I took the other night with the same exposure length/ISO. That may have just been coincidence though. I'm really loving Backyard EOS for taking multiple shots one after the other. Did a whole stack with PIPP and Registax. Still a bit limited at the moment until I order my motorized mount. I'm using an Orion VersaGo III AZ mount right now and manually tracking as quick as I can between shots.
  9. I am finding that when I have the settings for exposure and ISO set so that I get a decent image, the live view is so dark that you can't really see anything. If the live view looks good, the resulting image will be completely washed out. Is this normal? Or am I missing something? I realize they will not be an exact match for each other, but it would be nice if they were close. If I could "offset" the live view from the actual image settings that would be great. The camera is a Canon T5i. Thanks!
  10. Terrific! Thank you both so much, I've got the following two things ordered. Celestron 93419 T-Ring for 35 mm Canon EOS Camera Celestron T Adapter/Barlow 1.25 Universal
  11. I have been reading till my brain has turned to mush, and decided (for the moment) that long term I am going to pick up a CCD. In the near term however, I'd like to be able to snap some pics through the 80ED with my T5i. It was a terrible chore to hold the T5i up to the eye piece and try not to shake at all when viewing Jupiter last night. I know I need a Tring, is this the right one/type? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000237C9M/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER I believe I also need a nose piece to go from the Tring to the scope, but I am not exactly sure what to be looking for. Could anyone link me the right product? Is there anything else I am missing? Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks so much! I thought that was the case, but did not want to have a mount and a telescope and not be able to use them!
  13. Hello! I have just ordered a Skywatcher 80ED and an Orion Versago III mount. For those curious why the Versago, I'm planning on buying an Orion Atlas in the not to distant future, but wanted something to throw the telescope up on in the mean time. My question is, is there any other hardware I will need to attach the Skywatcher 80ED to the Versago III? I'd hate to get the scope in tomorrow and not be able to use it! Thanks in advance!
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