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  1. Thank you. This is just up my street and I love the diagrams. All I need now is a cloudless sky ... .
  2. Well I think that it is wonderful as you have expressed in words the dramatic reality of the image. My skills only range as far as pointing a Dobsonian at Jupiter and I am equally pleased with myself and awed by what I see. I love your enthusiasm.
  3. I have just started sky gazing and the moon is definately my favourite, at the moment. Thanks for this thread and I enjoyed your story of the awe and wonder spreading throughout your family.
  4. Thanks for ther moon atlas idea, just what I wanted.
  5. Thanks for the greeting. Stockton-on-Tees is an unusual place is very industrial, and so light poluted. However it is also close to many very beautiful areas that are darker so it is a good place to live. Dark skys to you.
  6. Well we really needed them! It was great and I am getting a bit keen on it all.
  7. Thanks for all the welcome messages, and hi back. I'm really looking forward to all this. I'm just at the level of learning to recognise constalations by eye so that is my aim, plus finding out more about everything!
  8. Thanks for the replies, nice bunch of people.
  9. Htello to all Stargazers, I'm new to this astronomy world, both virtual and real, and also camping. The reason I mention this is because I'm attending the SGLX with my husband, Focal Depth, and hope to meet other people with as little knowledge as myself. Looking forward to this new life enhancing journey. Yarn
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