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  1. I should add that I need this scope to be sold before the 15th October; that's roughly around the time I leave =/ May be willing to haggle if needs be.
  2. Selling my beloved telescope due to leaving the country soon 10' aperture, with an automated motor for easy star tracking. Also comes with the electronic pad so you can type in the star/planet/DSO you want to see and it will find it. Furthermore, the truss design allows it to be stored into a more compact shape, allowing for easier travel. Also comes with several eyepieces/EP's (10mm/25mm/8mm) and a x2 Barlow, with an OIII Filter and various other accessories. Power supply/torch is included, with all necessary cables and power sockets. Standard price on market for this model is £900-1000. Moreover, the additional accessories are worth at least £100 (the Celestron 8mm cost £60). Selling everything for around £600 O.N.O. PS: Two things of note:- the holder for the electronic pad is damaged (as you can see from the photo), however the telescope itself works completely fine, the mirror is good and the electrics are spot on. Second, the plug is European standard (although it's detachable, and I have a EU-UK plug converter which I'll throw in). PPS: Regarding delivery/payment; if interested, we can discuss ways to pay. I usually prefer cash in hand or Paypal, but we can work that out later on. As for delivery, I prefer pickup, but if needs be I could post (with the costs for such being borne by the buyer).
  3. All in the title lads. Anybody know of any groups or star parties in around the city of Belfast? Figured I could do with joining a wee club (especially for the upcoming Mercury transit)!
  4. Brilliant tips and responses lads; I'll be sure to put them all to good use =D One thing I've never invested in is a deck chair. Now I know what to bring next time!
  5. Thanks for the replies lads. Aye, as a bald man I daresay a hat is a necessity at night!! I also like the idea of a sleeping bag - clever. As for viewing, are there any specific EP's recommended for planetary and/or DSO viewing? I have a few but nothing spectacular (25mm, 8mm, 5mm, Barlow x2).
  6. Allright lads; I'm going to go out stargazing with my telescope sometime this week (10' Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Synscan) and I have a few questions. Everytime I go viewing the conditions are terrible; when viewing DSO's they are often imperceptible/too dim and in regards to other objects... don't get me started! Not to mention the planets are too faint to be viewed properly or in detail. Which brings me to my points; what eyepieces do you recommend for good views of Andromeda/Beehive Cluster/Pleiades/Venus/Mars/Jupiter/Saturn etc.? Also, when I'm out for long I always end up near freezing to death (in Northern Ireland here). What tips do you have for handling the nights out? I've put on a thick coat and gloves but with gloves I can't manipulate the telescope as well =/ Thanks for your advice!
  7. Nah it wasn't too fast; I looked up and saw it slowly cross the horizon so it must have been a satellite. Thanks for explaining what I saw btw lads!
  8. I can't remember; I think it was to the right actually, although looking at images of both clusters makes me think it looked more like M67..... Again, I'm unsure. If it's any help, the 25mm couldn't fit them all in; the viewfinder was in fact best for viewing them all.
  9. Allright lads; I was out using the scope (description in my sig) and was with my partner watching the Lyrids. I was casually gazing near Jupiter when I noticed a dense cluster of stars; not so close to comprise a "cluster", but there was a large number of them within a relatively small field of view (25mm EP). To cap it off, while I was gazing I saw a light streak across the center of the FOV; was a little satellite! Anyways, what was I looking at exactly? Anybody any thoughts? I tried taking a picture but the stars were too dim for the cameraphone to pick it up. Cheers!
  10. Thanks. I was hoping to get a few good shots on the phone see. Unfortunately I only have an hour or so each night to effectively stargaze (cloudy area on an island by the coast, with thesis work to be getting on with every day). I'll try my 7mm EP tonight if I can and see where that takes me.
  11. Managed an even better pic, separating a frame from a video I also took. What ya think?
  12. Success! Saw Jupiter (taken through cameraphone, excuse the quality). Managed to see banding along the equator though so I'm pleased. Was quite windy here too so conditions weren't the best (not to mention nearby street lights). Question; how can I get "closer" to the planet? As in view it more up close with minimal contrast loss? This was taken with a x2 Barlow and 5mm EP mind....
  13. Well, tonight the sky seems patchy but clear enough. I also have my partners new camera phone on standby to get a few shots through the eyepiece (she has a Canon EOS 60 D but I dunno how to operate it). This time I WILL succeed!
  14. Some cracker stories here I must say - glad I'm not alone in my woes. One thing I've taken from this is to extend the thing and lock it in place for the foreseeable future - means I (hopefully) won't have any other mishaps like that. At any rate I think I have to wait until Wednesday before I get another clear shot at stargazing (cloudy tonight), so we'll see how it goes then!
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