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  1. I am using one of those Celestron 93625s to mount the camera. Can I stack more than one?
  2. I am using a 6" f/8 dob 1.25" focuser with a D90. When the focuser is most of the way in I get a very nice image in the camera of the secondary mirror. As I move the focuser back out the image gets closer to being in focus but run out of travel before focus happens. It seems that the camera needs to be mounted back a bit farther with an extension tube. Is there a name for that part? Or is the situation different from what I am perceiving? Thank you for your help, Ben
  3. Just getting back into astronomy over the last few weeks after taken a couple of decades off. We were out tonight, and spent some time looking at Cassiopeia with the eye. There was a point that was 15-20° to the west of Segin that suddenly became bright and went back to nothing in the span of about 5 seconds. I am not sure of the magnitude, but it was a good deal brighter than any star around it. The point did not move. Any ideas what this could have been?
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