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  1. Ohhhhhhhh Yeeeeeeessss. We speak about TITAN. www.solar-007.eu/site/
  2. CORONADO MAXSCOPE SM 60mm D.S under 3/5 seeing. Used Barlow NAGLER TELEVUE 3X. www.solar-007.eu/site/
  3. Finished my summer holidays and today take time to make a solar observation. Seeing medium good in normal capture but with problems for big barlows. Using my coronado pst d.s sm40 and take only three pics because lost my settings in my DMK and try to fix them again. Today the sun is cool after two days with explosions but at the east limb coming an active region with 2 M-class flares in her back the last hours. http://www.solar-007.eu/
  4. The disk remain with low power but has big sunspots. All the sunspots return to the farside of the sun. All the visible area has a few phenomena. http://www.solar-007.eu/site/
  5. nice photo. The twolines must compared when we want want to understand what happened in the sun.
  6. Good morning from athens guys. Today start a new solar observation circle but the atmosferic situation here is tragic. We have high humidity and very poor conditions. The solar equator is full from active regions and sunspots. But the flare power remain in low levels. http://www.solar-007.eu/site
  7. The sun remain in bad condition here in Peristeri of the attica, greece. We have clouds three or four days now and the only way to see the sun is the SDO. So today make one more video with turbulent area of plasma. After a small flare the plasma move around the flare position. http://www.solar-007.eu/
  8. The clouds and the rain stop the observation with my telescopes today but not the love from the sun. So work again on SDO and make a very beautifull video with a small filament explode over region 2022. This situation remind me one think. The old electric lamps with the wire between two electrodes. Do you remember...???? When a very big quantity of current passed inside the wire then the lamp burned. Today inside this video i say the same think. When a very big quantity of volts passed inside thw filament then the filament explode. www.solar-007.eu/site/
  9. The images from our telescopes are fantastic. All the solar observers know that. We can see in those images great details and so many thinks to understand a theory. But the videos from SDO has another beauty because has armonic move and if you want very clear closed views. So today we make a video with a shaking tornado at the west limb. But with a little power. http://www.solar-007.eu/site/
  10. My friend you must register first. I activate your account next. And finally you can see the site always. But first need to do a registration.
  11. Today is a tornado day for me. Capture a flare and try to make close views to see what happened there. So i see many tornadoes with high voltage at the edge of the choens to hit eachother. All that moves giving flares for the electric sun model. http://www.solar-007.eu/site
  12. Hello from GREECE guys. March is the worst month of the winter. But before one month until now here in greece we have second summer days. Great days but for a solar astronomer not very good because the poor seeing. The sun continue to give sunspots on the equator. So try to use my CORONADO 70mm telescope to hit the active regions under poor seeing. Take photos but only two give the electric beauty of the sun. http://www.solar-007.eu/site
  13. Hello from greece guys. Make an observation today with my coronado pst and i see two great filaments. Many many thousands kilometers width and fantastic view. Take some photos under 3/5 seeing but the light mist give me trouble to the closed views. Today restart my site only for members. So you can do a simple register and wait to activate from me. Registered for one time and you can see the observations always. http://www.solar-007.eu/ Thank you.
  14. thanks buddy. I`ll try to solve the problem tommorow.
  15. HELLO FROM PERISTERI, GREECE. After reversal poles the sun put the limit up. We have much better activity, more powerfull flares, bigger sunspots. Before the reversal we see sunspots on a limit +/- 10 degrees from the equator. Now we have sunspots on the equator. I put a video to see. My site clean from previous observations to recieve the new sun era. Made my site only for register members and remain non money and with no advertisments. So you must do a simple register to see photos, sdo videos, and others. All this made because i want first only sun lovers to my corner. http://www.solar-007.eu THANK YOU
  16. Observation with CORONADO MAXSCOPE SM 70mm CaK under clouds. The seeing in medium condition giving solar images. The sunspots after the reverse pole of the sun now moving on the solar equator. We have big sunspot and strong faculaes. www.solar-007.eu/site
  17. yes but The sun looks great always...... :laugh:
  18. Happy new year to all of you guys. The first observation of the new year making today under medium - good seeing and under very light clouds. Coronado PST D.S used today. The region 1944 remain with enough power yet. We have two big black filaments. The biggest is at southeast of the disk. www.solar-007.eu/site/
  19. Light mist and light clouds today in observation with CORONADO MAXSCOPE SM 60mm Double stack. Region 1890 with great strikes inside her and region 1893 with a fabulous turbulent filament around her. http://www.solar-007.eu/site/
  20. Y.G ..... My site has a board for your comments if you need........:clap::clap:... :rolleyes:
  21. Hello from PERISTERI, GREECE. We have great days with sun here but seeing in medium - good conditions. CORONADO MAXSCOPE SM 60mm DOUBLE STACK Ha used today. Great active region captured today with big sunspots. And to much tornadoes everywhere. http://www.solar-007.eu/site/
  22. CORONADO PST SOLARMAX 40mm DOUBLE STACK under medium-good seeing. http://www.solar-007.eu/site/
  23. I can`t talk about seeing every time guys. I`m tired. So coronado Pst work today and i see great surface areas. The giant filament give a big number. But we have a great prom to the east. www.solar-007.eu/site/
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