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  1. Hi James, For your own safety I think you need to reassess your understanding of RCD's. Please take this in the manner it is intended. Your post contains inaccuracies. peter
  2. Correct, MCB's replace fuses and are very much more accurate, i.e. a 13 amp fuse may take considerably more than 13amps to blow and have a relatively slow disconnection time. A 20amp mcb will trip at exactly 20 amps and very quickly. RCD's and ELB's are different. RCD's rely on an imbalance in the currents in the live and neutral conductors to trip the breaker. There is a potential scenario when an RCD wouldn't trip. If a person was to hold both live and neutral conductors and be well insulated from earth, very thick soles etc. then no current would pass to earth and there would be no imbalance in the live and neutral and so RCD would not trip. An ELB is an old device which relied on the current travelling to earth to trip the breaker.
  3. As I said RCD's operate independently of your earth arrangments or the integrity of your earth. That is why they are recommended. See this link for an explanation. http://www.explainthatstuff.com/howrcdswork.html The RCD will trip when the residual current (current flowing to earth through the persons body or anything else which has become live) reaches the stated trip current. The speed at which it trips is dependent on i.e.e. electricity regulations and inherent in the design of the RCD. When running a cable to a shed, garage etc. The house end should be connected to the supply using an RCD of appropriate size and sensitivity, for protection and to be able to isolate the supply/ HTH. Peter
  4. An RCD does not rely on an earth connection, it operates when there is an imbalance in the live and neutral conductors. This imbalance is caused by a current flowing to earth through the persons body and not returning through the neutral conductor, to operate the RCD this current is very small 30mA typically and the disconnection time is very fast so no harm comes to the person touching the conductors. This is why you are advised always to use an RCD when using electrical equipment outdoors e.g. hedgecutters. It doesn't matter what your earthing arrangments are the RCD will protect you. Remember you only get one chance. Peter. PS try Screwfix for your cable.
  5. You won't regret it, very smooth operation, a quality product. Peter
  6. Well my experience of projects etc. is do it once and do it well first time. There usually is no later date. Push the boat out and get the steel wheels, you won't regret it. Peter
  7. These are the ones I used. http://www.fhbrundle.co.uk/products/0515092__T_Wheel_120x20mm_With_Internal_Support_Max_300_Kgs_Round_Groove I was very happy with their performance, the roof runs really smoothly. They are easy to fit, as I said before, cut the slot for the wheel and fixing holes slightly oversize and this will give enough lateral movement. Fix the track down loosely and then run the roof frame on its wheels up and down to line the track up accurately and then finally fix it down.
  8. Hi, You will need to allow for some small lateral movement. I did this by not bolting the wheels in to tight and making the holes oversize.. If you use nyloc nuts you can leave them slack without worrying that they will come undone. Peter
  9. Hi, The number of wheels you need largely depends on what you are using to support them. I used a 100x50 timber on its flat and on a 12ft length I used 3 wheels per side. The wheels are quite capable of supporting a lot of weight but you don't want any sag in the timber. Go for 3 each side. Also mine were round, I don't recollect a V being available. The finished roof with sterling board and corrugated sheets is very heavy. HTH, Peter
  10. Well mine will be light blue. 9 13amp plug tops steppenwolf, thats some going, maybe we could start a competition. Peter
  11. Hi All, Thanks for all the replies. Didn't think of the advantage of carpet in case I drop something. Being as its free I will lay it and if it doesn't work I can easily take it up and replace with something else. I think the dampness will be the biggest negative factor. Cheers, Peter
  12. Hi, I'm building a roll off roof observatory. I have been offered a carpet which is large enough to cover the whole of the observatory floor. Is fitting a carpet the right thing to do or will it end up being a nuisance? What are the general thoughts out there? Thanks, Peter.
  13. Another croeso from Carmarthenshire. What's this about a Preseli group? Peter
  14. Hi, I never close the program down I just minimise it. I have set the time and date correctly and saved it. Tommorow when I maximise the program the time will be correct but the date will be wrong, it will still be the date it was when I first set it. In 2 days time, the date will still be the date it was when I first set it, the time is always correct???? Peter
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